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    First, a big thanks you to David Merrill, Michael Joseph and others for their experience, leadership, and insight. Also I appreciate all the effort that went into discovering the remedies.

    I started redeeming lawful money on 2/24/15. What a day of Jubilee! I was able to open a new checking account with non-endorsement language on the signature card and also added the language to another account.

    My next step is the proper record forming which I need help with. I've been reading on the subject on this website and beginning to comprehend more. Any pointers will be very helpful.

    The reality of my Jubilee in Christ is deepening.


    In Jubilee

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    Hope you will have a nice stay

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    Welcome Jubilee;

    This precept, redemption through CHRIST, has really opened my eyes. Jubilee is a good name for spontaneous forgiveness.

    Record-forming is an essential part should arguments arise. Attorneys being able to see that you are a court of record seems to avoid the arguments.

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