CONSTITUTION AND TRUST Part III - by Michael Joseph 30-November-2018

If you really stop and think about matters and focus on that thought for some time as I have attempted to do over years now, you will eventually arise at the conclusion to this global conspiracy. Said conclusion is Socialism. Now in Socialism government is as God to the people. Because government takes the tithes and redistributes the wealth as it sees fit. So if you are inventive or you have high initiative, then your creativity can and will be stolen by those with guns. Oh yes, friends that is the reason why there is a huge brainwashing now to remove guns from the people. If you can see that guns are even more valuable than gold, then you can finally begin to see that Socialism is overt Slavery! And without your ability to protect freedom, you will have no ability to resist the "government guns" which will come for your wealth. So then the wealth of the individual is stripped and given to government which will eventually lead to the "shrugging of Atlas' shoulders". Those who create will stop because it is not fair to work hard so that my work might be given to some flunky who has a liberal arts degree and does not help society in the least fashion. In other words, those who do not produce in Society will be rewarded by their God which is the "hollow horn" or the mouth piece of Government.

As such, it is obvious that a mind control program must exist in order to lull the thinking mass into a deep hypnotic trance. And this is done thru the process of dialectics. The eventual success of dialectics is the development of the God man in the vision of the mass. And this God man is called President, or Potentate, Priest, Pope, etc, etc. So you don't talk bad about my God man is on the lips of every being who has been brainwashed. You will notice if you listen to the News Media that it matters not if my God man has done horrible deeds, I will just point the finger at your God man and so we are stuck in lunacy.

In fact, instead of being trapped in the duality of the dialectic, if one raises up a pillar as a testa-ment of self awareness, self governing, self actualization, then one rises up out of the hog slop of politics. No longer can the whispering serpent poison the water will his flood of lies. For the waters which flow forth from the serpents mouth are indeed lies. Think about life for a moment. Does it not seem to you when you open up your eyes in the morning that you are not met with a flood of lies? Men who appear as women, and vice versa; IOU's floating around as money, politicians flooding the airways with untrue rhetoric to favor the support of their masters, etc, etc. So then is it not hard to find another who has an ear to turn off such non-sense? Think about the mass who has believed the lies and continue to do as such. And then in empathy and compassion realize that they are where I once was and that means these have been brainwashed by those who have to keep the mass in a state of confusion in order to retain their great wealth, power and control.

For if the mass ever awoke from their great slumber, then, would they resist this tyranny. I cannot say it any more simply than this: The most dangerous place on earth is a gun free zone! And if you argue against such a statement, then in fact you have already surrendered yourself to another in hope that your master will treat you fairly - don't count on it. Being in full liability means that you as Creator take the surety for your Creation.

Heb 7:22 By so much hath Jesus become a surety of a better covenant.


Regarding the Preamble as a Trust Indenture: And it most certainly is that: The claim is the United States. The claim was not the subjects of England who occupy in those Plantations. Thusly the res of said trust is and was the property Rights established in the Landed Estates called Colonies.

Therefore from the perspective of the illusionist/hynotist, it is imperative that the mind control grow even more pervasive so that they might never to be part and parcel to the hidden oppressive hand of which they are only too glad to point out as some sort of nebulous Illuminati.

Here's a great secret, if you point the finger and blame another, then you resist that one. And in resisting that one, you grant that one power over you. Your resistance acknowledges their power over you. To blame another for your condition is a surrender of your own individuality in God to another. And once you do that, then you have a Sponser, a Re-Presentative, a Priest, a Governor and therefore someone else standing in God on your behalf.

Those who complain about their so called leaders admit in their complaining they are slaves. Those who praise their so called leaders admit in their praise that they are slaves. Because ye would believe a lie, God sent unto them strong delusions that they would not see the truth. Now before you point the finger at the I AM, you might understand the formula of thought which governs your world. If a belief is lodged in your subconscious mind, then every time something triggers that belief, then your subjective mind will deliver up to you recognition and acknowledgment of your belief. BECAUSE the subjective mind will manifest for you the world you believe exists. It will point out to you, every instance of your believed world. I say believed world because that stands in contradistinction to your perceived world. So all the beauty and possibility is lost and unseen because the subconscious mind delivers to your conscious mind the fruit of your belief!

So now you see why the "tight rope walker" needs a mind control program. The mass must be subdued. The mass in their mind is a profane beast which must be tamed, controlled at all times. For in the so called rational of the overlord class - the priestly ruling class - ROFL - the mass is irrational and must be controlled. So how do you handle an irrational child or rather pacify such a child - give the child everything it desires under the illusion that they "earned it." Better said under the illusion that they "own it." When in fact the child merely possesses a use and the ownership remains in the parent - which is to say, the ones doing government on behalf of the children [mass] before God.

Now do you understand the Tithe system? One of you asked privately. Now do you see if you refuse to tithe your thoughts Godward, then you end up by operation of law, tithing your creativity Earthward. And in the latter, you subject yourself to another man. Therefore one in the latter sense, gets strength [his arm] in Flesh.

It has always been I. I and only I can curse Me. And yet, even those who play the role of My adversary are in fact an outward expression of my inward thoughts and emotions. For I only find that which I believe to find. And I polish the diamond of my existence upon the multifaceted beliefs growing as oak trees in the Earth of my sub-conscious Mind. So in fact it is as Adam Curtis related THERE IS A POLICEMAN IN EVERYONE'S HEAD (Century of the Self).

So now consider one who fights for individual rights does this one not therefore fight for everyone's rights? And the only question left to be answered is within what trust is this one struggling. For clearly one struggling for freedom struggles against an oppressive mob. Which is to say an oppressive mind set of beliefs held by an obeying mass. One will gain a tremendous insight when one realizes that Jesus did not open his mouth once to resist the so called State.

But it's alright Ma, I'm only sighing..... "from the fool's gold mouth piece the hollow horn" - Bob Dylan

Make it a great day.