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Thread: Michael Crichton Against Global Warming

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    Michael Crichton Against Global Warming

    Michael Crichton Weighs In On AGW
    First, Crichton discusses the hazard of government ideology in science, pointing to the dreadful theory of eugenics and to Lysenkoism, which centralized political control over genetics and agriculture leading to famines that killed millions.

    Note: "The late John Michael Crichton, MD was an American best selling author, physician, producer, director screenwriter and a strong opponent of the Global Warming Doctrine."
    Now we are engaged in a great new theory (man-made global warming) that once again has drawn the support of politicians, scientists, and celebrities around the world. Once again, the theory is promoted by major foundations. Once again, the research is carried out at prestigious universities. Once again, legislation is passed and social programs are urged in its name. Once again, critics are few and harshly dealt with.“Once again, the measures being urged have little basis in fact or science. Once again, groups with other agendas are hiding behind a movement that appears high-minded. Once again, claims of moral superiority are used to justify extreme actions. Once again, the fact that some people are hurt is shrugged off because an abstract cause is said to be greater than any human consequences. Once again, vague terms like sustainability and generational justice — terms that have no agreed definition — are employed in the service of a new crisis.”
    Crichton goes on to discuss the suppression of dissenters.

    “One proof of this suppression is the fact that so many of the outspoken critics of global warming are retired professors. These individuals are not longer seeking grants, and no longer have to face colleagues whose grant applications and career advancement may be jeopardized by their criticisms.”

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    Logic serves the aims of emotions for most, myself included.

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