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Thread: Birth Announcement

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Alan View Post
    My understanding is, the State takes a survey and prepares a matrix, from which statements of live birth and birth certificates are prepared.
    I found this particularly... bothersome:
    (b) Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary,
    information collected pursuant to subparagraph (A) of paragraph (2)
    of subdivision (a) shall not under any circumstances be disclosed or
    available to anyone, except for both of the following:
    (1) The State Department of Public Health and the Department of
    Child Support Services for demographic and statistical analysis. The
    Department of Child Support Services shall keep information received
    pursuant to this subdivision confidential in accordance with Section
    17212 of the Family Code.
    (2) The federal government, without any personal identifying
    information, for demographic and statistical analysis.

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    The young lady's inability to prove a public birth should not equate to any inability to prove a private birth. Consider birth as in 'entry into office'. On another note, proof of U.S. citizenship in the US without a birth certificate can be AFAIK accomplished by two witnesses that have known the person for a number of years. I'm a bit surprised any learned folk are even the slightest bit hung up on this matter. It is possible to keep and maintain one's own private, household birth records.

    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    By registering the birth at the county clerk and recorder you then serve it on any Department of Health. Use that proof of service for the hospital when they start pestering you for signatures on any birth certificate. The problem is that you would need a private or professional process server running around doing all this for the parents while they bond with the infant at the hospital. And it would be nice to have a friend telling the officials to get out of the hospital room too.
    Or better yet, how about this:

    1. write the child details in your private household register;
    2. serve a certified copy of the page on the {State} Attorney General;
    3. notarize a certificate of service concerning # 2
    4. File the notarized certificate of service in a USDC misc. jacket or a county case jacket along with a redacted or full copy of the register page (its possible to do it so that one has a single entry or form per page).

    I'd print things on archival quality paper or security paper and also keep a certified copy of the register page and the certificate of service in a secure location.

    The above might not be suitable or appropriate for U.S. persons, U.S. citizens or U.S. residents.

    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Alan View Post
    Yeah, there was a story in the media a few months ago, about a young lady who "couldn't prove her citizenship", because her parents never "got her a birth certificate". Her complaints, while childish, we're typical of what I'd expect to hear from modern young Americans. I actually saw her point, since it was obvious that she simply didn't understand what the purpose of a BC was.
    Perhaps the news segment is a kind of advertising?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Alan View Post
    Maybe that bears more research on my part. I know I have a lot of questions in my mind about many things in the Bible.

    the most current updates from him can be found here: several videos and audios on this link. Ive found the audios are better than the videos on the subject myself but for those seriously interested in what he theorizes, you should watch and listen to all of them that are linked on this page.

    there is also quite a bit of not directly related but good info as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Alan View Post
    Sorry for the miscommunication, but I thought I made it clear that I was using 'BC' as an all inclusive term for the matrix (the protocol or first draft of a legal instrument, from which all copies are derived) and all of its derivative instruments. The people hold nothing but certificates and/or copies of certificates, which are derived from a matrix, which never leaves the State's custody.
    I know you are referring to the BC but you are again putting the cart before the horse.

    Nobody holds a copy of a certificate.

    Copy's of certificates mean nothing and have no value what so ever.

    The BC is an "original certificate", not a copy of anything, its an abstract. When you order one you hold the original. The state doesn't.

    The Statement of live birth is a "certified true copy", again not a certificate.

    If you want to make a birth announcement you do not make a birth certificate.
    You make a statement, a declaration, a testimony any one of those but not a birth certificate.

    Do you see the difference?

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