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Thread: "Sorry, Snowden: Putin Lied ..."

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    "Sorry, Snowden: Putin Lied ..."

    Sorry, Snowden: Putin Lied to You About His Surveillance State—And Made You a Pawn of It
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    In a bizarre televised appearance the NSA whistleblower now resident in Russia asked Putin if he spied on his own citizens the way the Americans do on theirs. Putin, predictably, said no.

    This story has been updated to reflect comments from Edward Snowden's American lawyer and Snowden's op-ed published on Friday.

    Vladimir Putin just trolled President Barack Obama and the entire U.S. intelligence community. He trolled them hard. On live Russian television Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor who exposed America’s dragnet surveillance of call records and internet traffic, asked the Russian leader whether Moscow does the same: “Does Russia intercept, store or analyze in any way the communications of millions of individuals?”

    Not to worry, Putin tells America’s most famous intelligence leaker: “We don’t have a mass system for such interception and according to our law it cannot exist.”

    That statement may be true in a parallel universe where Crimean citizens all on their own with no orchestration from Russia spontaneously voted to join the Russian federation after random mercenaries with no ties to Moscow seized its airports and government buildings. But in the world as it is, it’s just an outrageous lie, according to independent experts interviewed by The Daily Beast.

    “I think it was ridiculous,” says Mark Galeotti, an expert on Russia’s security services who is also a professor at New York University. Andrei Soldatov, a Russian journalist who has broken major stories on the Russian intelligence service, the FSB, and is a Daily Beast contributor, was only slightly more charitable. “Putin never directly lies, he just tells half truths and his answer was a half truth,” he said. “In terms of what is going on inside the country, he was not correct. We have all signs of mass surveillance. My view is Russian surveillance is much more intrusive than what you have in the United States.”

    To be sure Galeotti and Soldatov both said Russia’s laws on intercepting communications contain pro forma prohibitions on mass surveillance collection. Soldatov also said it was true that Russian technology for storing and intercepting communications intelligence was not as advanced as that used by the Americans. (“Russia does not have as much money to spend on this as they do in the States,” Putin said with a smile.)
    But in Russia, there is no special court or even a parliamentary committee to check the FSB’s work in the first place.
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    Vladimir Putin lied to his people and to the world about his invasion of Crimea.
    Barack Obama lied to his people and to the world about the invasion of Crimea.
    Totalitarian rules do this all the time in order to survive. Liberals are so gullible they fall for this all the time also!

    That is what Obama calls......being "flexible"
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