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Thread: The Four U.S. Dollars, or, The U.S. Dollar’s Relationship to Gold

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    The money of account on the general public ledger of the Treasury seemed to be one of the 4 U.S. Dollars, and was seeming to be neglected a bit in this thread. People seem to forget that metal tokens were never the only form of lawful money issued by the Treasury, or authorized by the Constitution to be issued by the Treasury. By diminishing the credits on the ledgers and converting them into Bills of Credit with an equal face value, money of account is converted into money of exchange.

    Research into the general public ledger of the Treasury should evidence that gold & silver were never the only assets being accounted for, or being used in sustaining the face value of Bills of Credit (measures of land were often used as such an asset, for example). The best evidence I can provide to sustain this fact, that I have at hand, is a link to the topical content of the Records of the Accounting Officers of the Department of the Treasury -- indirect evidence, but evidence nonetheless.

    Gold & silver Coin were just the most popular with the masses 200+ years ago because most people couldn't even do basic math, much less comprehend book-keeping and it was well known even then that counterfeiting paper tokens has always been much easier than metal tokens... which is why coin became so popular thousands of years ago.

    Further, the several States were limited to only dealing with gold and silver Coin because the creation of money of account & Bills of Credit needed to be confined to a single ledger and source, not many. Too much ledger fraud is possible and monitoring for it needed to be kept as simple as possible.

    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    It is refreshing to find effective fellow geopolitical biosocial engineering. Thank you for all that work.
    Creating and planting the seeds is only a part of the Work (as you well know, David and friends), hopefully it bares the fruits intended... which is not the money, but the global evolution of all educational systems to a point where it will be possible for all people to more easily seek any type of knowledge they wish to learn and for all teachers and the staff of the schools to be compensated for their services.

    We have seen time and again that when a Nation implements a K-12 type of system making it possible for everyone in the society to hold the bulk of the Wealth of Knowledge of that society, that society vastly improves for everyone. Likewise, to make that possible for all higher education will have similar results. Were this to happen globally, the entire human race will make a profound evolutionary step that I can barely imagine, much less describe with words. Consider people holding many different degrees (including trade school certifications), for example, a Certified Welder/Machinist with a Structural Engineering & Architectural Degrees will create buildings far superior to what are created now. Anyways...

    A dear friend of mine once talked about a house that was in such disrepair that it rightly should have been condemned, but people still lived in the house. And, while the house was a somewhat toxic, being homeless in the harsh environment would likely kill most of the inhabitants. He pointed out that the best way to deal with such a situation is not to evict them all and condemn the house, but to repair the house, and; if that is not possible, find an old house in good standing (or repair it, or to build a new house) for them to move into before condemning the old house and demolishing it. Fixing up old houses is usually the path of least resistance, and quicker, even though new houses are what is Ideal and desired but lack of labour becomes an issue.

    On a similar, but somewhat different note, when people are discussing things like "End the Fed" and the like, I often think to myself,

    "What a waste of time and energy. That time and energy would be better spent re-empowering the Treasury. Once that is done, many problems most people have with The Fed (and central banking), will likely not even be problems any more, and if they are, the means to slowly "phase out" The Fed are now in existence."

    Were The Fed to just be gone tomorrow, it would be like everyone in the Matrix just getting flushed into the ocean, and there would not be enough rescue crews to save you all. Sure, you would all be unplugged and free from the "Matrix"... for a few minutes (and some would obviously survive), but there is a better way even if it may take a bit longer. Besides, some people love the Matrix, and who are we to dictate to them they can not have that? It is the path of least resistance to create something better, and leave them to chose. I do not take alienating freewill lightly.

    Further, the ability for people to borrow money into existence, while doing this almost exclusively has fatal economic flaws, has actually made many things possible that would not have been possible otherwise. I am not sure if it should be completely eliminated, and the issue of interfering in the obligation of lawful contracts (I am aware many lack a meeting of the minds and are void, nonetheless), is not currently lawful at this time.

    It was only advocated back in the day, "Neither a lender nor borrower, be," but it was not forbidden. Freewill..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian View Post
    Whatever the dollar was, it is no longer that. As bad as it is the only dollars in general circulation that have any value are these:

    It ain't much but it is something:

    The only way IMO to walk back what has occurred in the last 100+ years is to force payment in current coin, with the seigniorage being used to extinguish T-bills. However that is very unlikely to happen as that would require discipline that the government does not have. Plus it would be violently opposed by the banks who want to continue issuing their poison coupons aka FRN's.

    So it will likely just implode and the whole system will have to be rebooted. So prepare for the later and keep fighting for the former.
    Such a thing is physically impossible:

    Maxim of law:

    "The law can not require the impossible."

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