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One cannot accept a benefit absent an obligation. Thusly to accept the benefit is to also incur the liability.

This is applicable concerning commercial entities. It does not apply to the people / government trust. The government, it's officers and employees, exist only (in their official capacities) for the benefit of the people which created them (official capacity again) for that very purpose. Your story concerns a king, who had a kingdom. That is a whole different form of government than a republic.
The republic still exists but the "form of government" appears to be a Democracy. For in a Republic the purpose of that form is to protect the Un-Alien-able rights of man against the Majority. But in a Democracy the Majority rules and the individual is but a minority dissenting opinion absent any political influence. Both exist simultaneously. Which one will win out? In my opinion, that depends on the individual.

Answer me this: What obligates one to file a 1040 return?