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Thread: Why we pay taxes, who has to pay taxes, and redeeming lawful

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    I am well aware of bitcoin, JC, and have considered putting some assets into it, but I am not that computer literate, and am discouraged by the NSA. Plus bitcoins have not found wide acceptance yet, although that is changing fast. I see the banksters continuing to mess with bitcoin, using pump and dump schemes to cause users to doubt the exchange value of the unit, much as they are manipulating the price of gold to cause the masses to refuse to see it as a stable store of value. If you perceive the lengths the US neocons are willing to go to to keep Iran from selling oil in currency other than dollars, and now refusing to allow Iran to sell oil for gold [see this link:], you will understand that the banksters have a stranglehold on the entire world economy, and they will not give it up without a fight, perhaps using nuclear weapons. So I see a rough road ahead for bitcoins...

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    Misconception of words...

    Freed, I loved your post about roads. So many people can sudden passion for roads when trying to justify taxation. They usually fail to differentiate between taxes at the gas pump or otherwise that pay for roads vs. the misconception that income taxes do. I always love to point out states with no income taxes where I noticed a lot of roads when I passed through them.

    This may be a bit off topic here, but if you ever have fun dealing with not papers, but PEOPLE agents of a labor board or IRS, I find it amazing how often misconceptions of words play in, this time more dangerous if you fall for it. When agents ask if you or one that pays you if you are "making any money" or were "paid money", at least mentally (watch what you say out loud) the answer should truthfully be "NO." You were not paid in any money. If cash, any "money" you have from working is more likely FRNs (maybe legal tender, but not 'MONEY'), unless said cash includes loose change in coins. That coinage may be 'Money' but not taxable, being there are no federal reserve coins, only minted Treasury coins.

    With FRN's, is it not truthful that you neither "made" money (such an odd phrase) by minting your own currency, NOR received money being that FRNs are not 'money' but instead papers you can exchange/trade or CONVERT INTO money? You DID receive money if paid by gold/silver coins or Treasury coins (pennies, dimes, etc.), but why would any agent need to ask you about that non-taxable activity anymore than asking if you ate Lucky Charms cereal for breakfast? If you get paid by check or direct deposit even, I still don't see where anyone was given nor made any lawful definition of 'MONEY'... only an option to convert what was given into money.

    Not debating what constitutes as taxable activity, I am aware of the often regurgitated terms agents are trained with to attempt to trip you up. My point here is merely to illustrate the odd, but constant wording that is SPOKEN (vs. written) by agents and the importance to only handle things in writing as best you can.

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