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Thread: Our Hidden History of Corporations in the United States

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    Quote Originally Posted by george View Post
    hi walter,
    can you provide more details about that?

    there has to be a record of the first I would think, I doubt they could exist without a record. something tells me that they are all connected somehow and spawned from the original one so if that can be determined and then eradicated all the rest might just fall like dominoes?

    I know for a fact that in British Columbia the province the "Registry" was the first corporation.
    A friend once sent me the info on it but it was lost in an old computer.
    Government's can only see their own creations and documents.

    If you never registered your child then they can't access any government benefits.
    If you don't register a corporation then they don't get to be a person and acquire the benefits.

    Its the old cart before the horse line.
    Can't have one with out the other. And in the proper order.

    Everything gets connected by being placed in the same book.
    And its not our book.

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    Each time a Crown NAME is entered into the "Registry" its for a credit or a debit as insurance the BANKING BOOKS get balanced .Having a legal title is the insurance that some agency can take your homeless self of the streets or arresting that homeless person for drunkenness society is insured on paper for either eventuality.If legal title also allows the operation of trusts a stockbroker and shareholder are enjoying a business contract until the shareholder is homeless and the stockbroker gets arrested. A NAMED JOHN HENRY DOE is dead corporate fiction has no binding Contract as being dead its the NAME registered [Everone thus]States or ESTATE a stated Contract. A legal title makes Contracts as a private contractor based on character and ones integrity as a business Man with EQUITY or a reputation that at Personal Law can be sued for lawful money in a Court of Equity and record.In a dead estate or this assumptive state a COURT NAME you gets administered on the Social Insurance # Social Security# Balance Bank Books. If it can be deemed your dead it also can be REDEEMED or demanded your not All corporations use legal tender bank notes are or DEAD notes for dead folks All registered notes that can be REDEEMED as living lawful money cant be demanded from a dead estate A Man of integrity always can demand EQUITY its the Law for the living.Finding out the truth is one thing getting a corpse to agree is met with DEAD SILENCE ? Knowing that living registered officers exist depends on how skilled one is at waking the dead.Their dead and loving it george transgression a daily session hiding the dead buried alive in paper .

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    Quote Originally Posted by pumpkin View Post
    "Corporations are often traced back to ancient Rome (i.e. "Roman Colleges") (or even "municipal communes"). It might be that where corporations are prevalent, attorneys must necessarily be. "Priesthood" of managing the bridge between the living and the dead. To be quite frank, a study of corporations could very much potentially cross over into the topic of egregores, black magic and necromancy."

    That is one interesting post. Most lawyers would like to be judges, and like I have always said, they don't wear black robes for nothing!
    It seems that original American sovereigns wanted to keep corporations and rule-by-attorneys (not necessarily attorneys alone) out in the same breath because widespread proliferation of corporations may require widespread proliferation of attorneys. Ask your local Secretary of State or court clerk if you can represent a corporation that you own in court? Likely answer: NO. YOU HAVE TO BE AN ATTORNEY.
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