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    The California State Grange

    The California State Grange
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    The CSG (formerly California State Grange) is not affiliated with the National Grange {see Granger Danger, National Grance is said to be a GMO-pusher} or the Grange of the State of California’s Patrons of Husbandry Chartered.

    The CSG is the oldest agricultural organization in California, started in 1870.

    Cities and townships have grown up around our rural halls and the CSG has evolved into a community service organization with 10,000 members and 206 chapters across California. CSG community halls are often the center of their community, providing opportunities, culture and education, entertainment, emergency shelter, and a meeting place where new friends are made and old friends are cherished.

    The CSG supports and advocates for healthy communities, family farms, local economies, cultural diversity, public schools and education, the arts, and a variety of charitable causes.

    The CSG has lobbyists in Sacramento and boasts a long history of successful legislative advocacy. Important issues discussed and decided at the community chapter level may become CSG policy, and even legislation.

    The CSG is family-friendly and has special programs for juniors, youth, young adults and women.

    (The point is to highlight and inform about the positive side of revival of agricultural and gardening "Granges".)

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