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Thread: Proper name (lawful vs legal name)

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    Proper name (lawful vs legal name)

    I was looking at the communications in a suit in equity from a representative of the BAR and the lawful Christian name from an accident. Every piece of communication that was sent was to the Christian name until the settlement check arrived and it was addressed to the Legal fiction.

    Law is extremely precise. Every letter, capitalization, punctuation mark, etc., in a legal document is utilized for a specific reason and has legal (i.e. deadly force) consequences. If, for instance, one attempts to file articles of incorporation in the office of a Secretary of State of a State, if the exact title of the corporation - down to every jot and title - is not exactly the same each and every time the corporation is referenced in the documents to be filed, the Secretary of State will refuse to file the papers.

    Is it because each time the name of the corporation is referenced it must be set forth identically in order to express the same legal entity. The tiniest difference in the name of the corporation identifies an entirely different legal person.
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    My second attempt to file a $20M UCC-1 Lien had been refused. But the Secretary of State included two other Articles of Incorporation in the Refusal! I met this breach of trust with adoption of the State, like a bastard son - affiliation.

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    See that? Mr. DREW is on the Republic. So the Secretary was in a pinch. The Territory exists but the Secretary did not want to recognize its existence by mailing to it.

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    Elizabeth Warren: Corporations Are Not People (Sorry Romney)Living People forming a corpse on paper its unfortunate all state paper is Corporate E state your business. A living Trust its living beneficiary is still the decedent The"one who is dying," decedent it is commonly used in the law to denote one who has died, in probate its that particularly State person someone who has recently deemed passed away. A decedent's estate is the real and Personal Property that an individual owns upon his or her death.Well the one who is dying this term literally means not standing IMHO As a polite reference to a dead person,not PEOPLE it has become common practice to use the participle form of "decease", as in the deceased; the noun form is decedent. Participles come in two varieties: past and present. Trusts is a living Christ relationship trustee and beneficiary 72hrs in God we Trust Honour all CONTRACTS and Honour the dead [debts] settlement check arrived and it was addressed to the Legal fiction State staying in corporate honour or dying to get out of debt .

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    Article III - Membership An employee of any state, territory, commonwealth, county, district, school board, city, town, village, township, or other public authority or of any governmental subdivision of any such government or authority, except elected officials who are not otherwise eligible under this Article, or of any quasi-public agency or any non-profit or tax-exempt agency of a public, charitable, educational, or civic nature.Article III Judgements Church BY-LAWS OF [NAME], A NOT-FOR-PROFIT CORPORATION The judicial power of the United States, shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in such [inferior courts] as the Congress may from time to time {ordain] priest craft and or establish. The judges, both of the supreme and inferior courts, shall hold their offices during good behaviour, and shall, at stated times, receive for their services, a compensation, which shall not be diminished during their continuance in office. church and state BY-LAWS Trust law ordain and appoint a trust monkey. try and win your trust back?

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    In the U.K. and New Zealand the TINs are called "IRD numbers" and the forms are from Inland Revenue Department. IRD also stands for "income in-respect-of a decedent".
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