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Thread: UK tax gap falls to 6.4%

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    UK tax gap falls to 6.4%

    Credit to: Tax Evasion News : UK tax gap falls to 6.4%

    The UK’s overall tax gap for the 2013-2014 financial year was 6.4%, HMRC revealed today, continuing a downward trend over the last few years

    The difference between the amount of tax collected and that which is owed, the tax gap has fallen from 8.4% in the 2005-2006 financial year to 6.6% in the 2012-2013 financial year.

    This amounts to the collection of an extra £57bn in the last eight years. The current tax gap is currently worth £34bn.

    The most reduced tax gap is in corporation tax. In the 2005-2006 financial year, the corporation tax gap was 14%; it has now fallen to 7%.

    David Gauke, financial secretary to the Treasury, said, “The UK has one of the lowest tax gaps in the world, and this government is determined to continue fighting evasion and avoidance wherever it occurs.

    “If the tax gap percentage had stayed at its 2009-10 value of 7.3%, £14.5bn less tax would have been collected.”
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    by Emma Davies The city that is inside the city of London is the corporation of London which has it's own laws and the money capital city of the world, you have Washington DC which is a corporation inside America which has its own laws again and is the head of all military, and then you have the Vatican city which is another corporation that rules all religion and laws, all working together to decide on our fate with the help of the UN. All corrupt and run by narcissists
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    The Templar Society - that was what got me interested in London and City of London. But the Municipal League is quite likely a better approach to get a truthful handle on what that is all about. METRO organization is City of XXXXX.

    From conversations with Michael Edward I gather that this is the original rendition. Many altered docs were being generated. I think that somebody in Canadian government called him and asked him to remove it from the Internet. This makes sense in terms of Crown Dominion Notes of 1861 or so... Shock testing the FRN in Canada.
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    That description of Crown Temple - does not sound like an effective way to rule over your subjects if you also leave them common law, a saving to suitors clause, and the option to redeem lawful money.

    Either the description is inaccurate or the rulers left huge holes in their control grid. Holes in the fence big enough to drive a truck through.
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