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Thread: Adventures in land ownership

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    ...the only time that you will see a release or bargain and sale deed is when you are buying from a government, an executor, or at a foreclosure sale.

    This is supportive that government owns it all through cestui que vie trust action.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    This is supportive that government owns it all through cestui que vie trust action.
    Has anyone ever laid eyes on the document that made known with precise knowing the meaning of the nouns Capitalized within that Preamble. Until that day- I maintain the Sovereign was the Power that setup that Constitution as a BUSINESS PLAN - my model is Rome d.b.a. United States.

    Clearly I have never seen that record and as such, I must then say I cannot have any trust in that Preamble or that Constitution as I lack knowledge as to what is the basis of the Contract. But then clearly, if a Congress creates a NAME, then that NAME is an "in rem" vessel - I model it as a Trust wherein certain Accounts are held mediately within said Trust. But the "in rem" vessel or THING is the Property of its Creator. In effect making its end user a Constitutor.

    Until that day we shall each have our models. I model "We the People" as the ones who actually pledged their estates united together to provide surety for their business plan. I see the nation-state as a super-massive business corporation. So in my model I might ask you - how do you Occupy within - and I might issue Certificates of Occupation.

    I convene my court totally without the United States - as I must - else in my model I would be trespassing the United States if I brought suit against one of its Agencies or Departments within its own court. 12(b)(6). The United States has all the authority in the world to hear a matter in one of its Creation.

    I continue to lack understanding as to how one might gain ownership in totality if both the legal and the equitable titles were returned to the United States Treasury. There are many estates - Real and Personal and Usufructuary. So one must comprehend the nature of the estate one is touching upon.

    If one makes a bargain to take or seize and that one makes a use of State property to acquire said property [property = rights], then the property cannot alienate but remains in State, yet the bargain alienates certain rights to the end user by prior agreement.

    So then, why would I bring a suit against one of the Agencies or the Departments of the United States within the United States? Seems more likely that one would bring a controversy into the World Court. However, that begs the question, does one have an agreement with the United States such that a breach in trust has occured? If not, then the judge will just dismiss for lack of proper claim.

    So then the only avenue left is TORT. But specifically what is the Tort claim? And is not that commercial? Or maybe it is not! Maybe it is a libel or a harm in your body or a trespass upon your dominion - the latter begs a boundary - else how is it fair to say your dominion is the universe when clearly you recognize other beings thru your five senses.

    And yet those Capital words do plague the reader. How can a conscious man place his trust in a writing that is undefined absent Faith? So one who might argue for a Constitution that he clearly does not comprehend places his full faith into the rendering of that Constitution by the Officers or Judges.


    My daddy used to create tasks for me to do around the house when I was a child. When I would sometimes rebel he would issue disciplinary measures. As long as I remained in his house, he had the authority but later when I left his house and cleaved to my wife whereby she and I created a new house and the children [analogy of State would be "in rem" Persons] were under our authority.

    Now then consider if my Great........Great......Great......Grandaddy pledged to another his Seed in servitude, then in fact the child in my house is subject to me but I would be subject to another. I find this principle herein:

    Heb 7:9 And as I may so say, Levi also, who receiveth tithes, payed tithes through Abraham.
    Heb 7:10 For he was yet in the loins of his ancestral father, when Melchisedec met him.

    Naboth's Garden was his DNA - and my Dad and Mom pass that to me in 46 chromosomes. So I inherit the good and the bad.

    I find a law of love that renders coerced slavery to be repugnant; however, I wonder about voluntary slavery. If you an I had a controversy would you think to bring your controversy into my court?

    Why I would just dismiss it for frivolity!

    Go get married and raise up your own children!

    No if a State is bankrupt then it is just a commercial organization! And if the bondholder in due course [which I believe to be an International Banker] demands payment from the Trustee, then let the trustee pay the bill. ATLAS SHRUGGED. Demand is made for lawful money in accord with 12USC411 and 12USC95a(2). Now let us expose the illusion shall we? If the wizard shows his face to take - for what cause is the taking? Isn't that NAME a vessel of the United States? Of course it is! Therefore the NAME is a child of its parent.

    The blessing is in the hand of the doer. Faith absent deeds is dead.

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    Demand is made for lawful money in accord with 12USC411 and 12USC95a(2). Now let us expose the illusion shall we?
    Thank you Michael Joseph!


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    What lawyer is going to verify that congressional law, public acts are not true? It will be interesting to see how the answer.

    Today I was in court for status on my amended complaint that uses the congressional acts, public laws, court cases as evidence, which goes after the bank for using the word “lender” and “loan” and the $ sign with an amount or a number next to it, on the original contract.

    It went well, first the attorney for the bank complained about the fact that I receive one million thru the social security act, and my birth certificate as being crazy.

    He actually used the word ludicrous, I didn’t say anything, because it is a congressional act that he is calling crazy, not me.
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    pastoral land adventures and grazing of sheep?

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