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Thread: The Islamic Origins of Talmudic Judaism

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    Quote Originally Posted by george View Post
    Im not sure where I got this impression...
    Perhaps it is intuition? Secret society types have spent much effort and many centuries aiming to co-opt all belief known systems and to steer them doctrinally into their way of thinking.


    Also, I would not regard the so-called "Gospel of Thomas" as being worth hanging your hat or life on. It clearly conflicts with the original gospels, the Tanach and the teachings of the Mt. Carmel Essenes who saw male and female members as equals spiritually.

    For every woman who has become male will enter the Kingdom of heaven."
    People think the Bible denigrated women over the idea that it was better for a disciple to avoid touching a woman. The whole system was at an end and the world was about to be shaken fiercely, it was better for a disciple to focus on kingdom matters as that time than to be concerned about getting married. So now because of heretical Gnostics we have so-called sex change operations (which are high-priced mutilizations) and alleged 'scriptural' justification for bull-dyke feminism when the Bible clearly indicates that males and female believers have equal standing WITHIN THE BODY OF CHRIST--that does not mean in the secular setting. A believer male who is commander of a merchant ship is not equal in rank to another believer who is of inferior rank on the same merchant ship--that is within the construct of the ship command structure the equality does not apply. Similarly a husband believer and his wife believer would not be equals in the construct marriage--but they would remain equals spiritually.

    To have total equality of rank on a merchant ship would make it nearly impossible to manage. That is the kind of crap militant-atheist-Gnostics are trying to sell to the entire world. There are places that are telling kids that they are equal to their parents and so obeying them would be unnecessary. Think: pirate flags, everywhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by allodial View Post
    Secret society types have spent much effort and many centuries aiming to co-opt all belief known systems and to steer them doctrinally into their way of thinking.

    what I suspect though is that some secret society (not necessarily Masonic) created them all from their beginning, mainly the big 3 as they seem to be used as tools and work well together (to create division, if nothing else) maybe only imagination but I can see how it would be useful as a tool to shape mankind over long periods of time that way and test mankind in spiritual ways.

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    From the beginning.

    It was the nachash (diviner, shining one) better known as the "serpent", and later as satan, who inspired the religion of "ME", which is fundamentally the forsaking of The Creator of ALL things and the desire to be equal to God - answerable to NO ONE. The nachash was subsequently cursed and the man and woman were expelled from God's presence and from The Tree of Life. Sin entered the world and Cain murdered his brother out of hate and jealousy - the religion of "ME" manifesting by way of taking of innocent life. Evil spread and became rampant in the world.

    The flood wiped out most, if not all, of the evildoers and Noah was charged with starting again, "... be fruitful and multiply...". However, the rebellion started anew since there were divine beings in the unseen realm, the sons of God, who desired to follow the adversary and the target for their destruction and evildoing was mankind and the earth. Some were not pleased with God's new creation and the authority vested in His new "imagers" on earth and they chose to rebel in an attempt to disrupt God's Will and Plan as they did before the flood.

    The people on earth eventually started to rebel again under the influence of the adversary and their own inevitable propensity to sin. The culmination of that rebellion came in the form of the evil empire of Babylon ruled by Nimrod (the rebellious one) and the infamous Tower of Babel. Because mankind sought to restore what was once paradise on earth (the full communion of heaven and earth) ON THEIR OWN TERMS, God confused their languages and scattered them over the earth.

    God disinherited these people and placed them under the authority of "lesser gods"; 70 nations each with a "son of god" placed over them to rule - 70 divine rulers. God gave them exactly what they wanted; you want to worship gods and idols other than Me, you got it and I am no longer your God and you are no longer my people. Most mythological figures from antiquity are the "lesser gods" and their minions who were worshiped by the disinherited nations. Almost immediately after the scattering, God plucked Abram right out of the heart of Mesopotamia (unholy land) to start anew once again; a not-so-veiled message to the rebellious ones showing God's ultimate power and sovereignty right in the middle of "their alotted turf". God chose and called upon Abram to be the leader of His Holy (set-apart) nation of people (Israel) and He began to build His family into a great multitude, as promised.

    This faith, or "religion" was not created by some secret society; it was a God-inspired and set-apart nation of people who were chosen to show the rest of the world that there is only One God worthy of worship who Created ALL and is greater than ALL. Also, it was a plan to reclaim the disinherited nations back into the fold and adopt them into God's new family. Only by CHOICE does one believe and have faith in order to be a part of God's family and His Saving Grace.

    Due to mankind's flawed nature, there were many failures along the way regarding Israel as depicted in scripture. God decided that the only way to achieve His original plan was to incarnate and become a man among His people so that He may fulfill what others failed to do. Jesus of Nazareth came as FULLY God and FULLY man to fulfill the Law perfectly, as NO ONE else was capable of doing. He also came to take on the burden of those failures (sin) upon Himself. He sacrificed Himself to save us from ultimate death which is the penalty for sin. Before Abraham was, I AM. That leaves NO doubt as to who He was/is.

    It is that simple folks; no secret societies, no royal bloodlines, no secret knowledge, no exalted leaders, no fancy robes and headdresses, no conversion by force, no beads, no chants, no legalistic rituals, no secret ceremonies, no blood oaths, no special buildings or monuments, no "ALL is ONE and ONE is ALL", etc. It is Yahweh, in visible form, the one who saves, Jesus The Christ of Nazareth, who came and was born into the world in order to redeem and restore God's creation, New Heaven and New Earth, into a global Eden with FULLY restored communion between God/Heaven and His Sons and Daughters on earth, as per His original intent.

    For God so loved the world...
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