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    They don't need saving. They are saved, just taking a different path home. Some travel slowly, some fast, but all reach the destination.

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    Ernest Shurtleff put it fairly clear.

    Even so, he thought his name was Ernest HOLMES. One can compensate the pseudonomania by integration.

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    I really love how you guy's expound on the bible verses, its truly amazing how the truth is universal and understood by many people with different approaches .i cant really do the same with the bible, but my understanding comes from Chan ,or as it is popularly known, Zen Buddhism.
    i tend to agree that it is everything exists with a purpose and it is all as it should be.i believe this was the timeless compassion the Buddha talks about doing what is good and right no matter what,and not doing what is wrong, compassion/truth being the selfless acts and what is right.
    weather or not we still have the presumed illusion of self or the other, the truth transcends,and he (Siddhartha Gautama,Dhammapada) also states hate has never extinguished hate in this existence only love can overcome hate.

    a example of the presumption or what is called fundamental ignorance. this term ignorance is not meant in a derogatory manner its just a misunderstanding that the inside is somehow different in nature from the outside.

    THE GATELESS GATE - Chapter 29. The Sixth Patriarch's Your Mind Moves
    The wind was flapping a temple flag, and two monks started an argument.

    One said the flag moved, the other said the wind moved;

    they argued back and forth but could not reach a conclusion.

    The Sixth Patriarch said, "It is not the wind that moves, it is not the flag that moves; it is your mind that moves."

    The two monks were awe-struck.

    Mumon's Comment

    It is not the wind that moves; it is not the flag that moves; it is not the mind that moves. How do you see the patriarch?

    If you come to understand this matter deeply, you will see that the two monks got gold when buying iron.

    The patriarch could not withhold his compassion and courted disgrace.
    Mumon's Verse

    Wind, flag, mind, moving,
    All equally to blame.
    Only knowing how to open his mouth,
    Unaware of his fault in talking.

    upon seeing this video again and watching the wording I think a helping parallel can be drawn to self determination.

    oh and i am not as well versed in physics but HH the dalai lama has a book that might intrest some here particularly David.
    The Universe in a Single Atom: The Convergence of Science and Spirituality
    ok folks have a good one.
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