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Thread: Really, the best thing you can do is...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gavilan View Post
    Delightful! I am going make my bed into a sailboat too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gavilan View Post
    the original song for those who were not around was by a group named Peter Paul & Mary.
    i was a small child then and remember it well. have a look at this one (with lyrics)

    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    Delightful! I am going make my bed into a sailboat too!
    is it not already?

    heres another great song:

    hava second look & listen to these lyrics aswell!

  4. #34 Hey, at six a.m. this morning, you know the man knocked at my door
    I screamed into his ear, "Now looka here, I'm not the guy you're searching for"
    But I got taken, yeah I got taken just the same[ TRUE NAME TAKEN JUST THE SAME]
    When it comes to getting sleep at night [GUILT NEVER RESTs NO REST FOR THE WICKED]
    You know I just can't seem to win

    I went down to the zoo where I thought that I might hide
    I met a friendly grizzly bear, who took me for a ride
    And I got mangled, yeah I got pushed all out of shape
    Yes, when it comes to being sociable
    I just can't seem to win [CHIZZLY BEARS]

    Climbing up Mt. Everest to get away from all the noise [MOSES YOU 70 SIT AND [PLAY THE TALMUD CARDS CRAZES EIGHTS]
    I slipped on a banana peel man and I almost got destroyed
    And I was, I was worried, oh yes, I was worried all the way down to the ground
    When it comes to holding safety nets [ FEAR WHEN MOSES ]
    Nobody ever seems to be around [STOPED WORKING WITHOUT A NET]

    Well I put myself together, you know I found that it was best
    If I had no longer tried to be just like all the rest [ALONG FOR A RIDE MAGI CARPET]
    Because I'm, I'm twisted, yeees and I dig the way I am [IS YOU A ME OR ME A YOURS]
    Don't ask me about being normal you know I, I just no longer give a damn ??[NORMAL ITS BEST NEVER TO BE DEEMED again or
    condemn, especially by the public expression of disapproval.IF i had found a follow the bouncing ball app. embellished the tune never/ just to further my enthusiasm sure but knowing my enthusiasm depends on enjoyment, interest, or approval. or no longer give a damn ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Joseph
    Po, there is no "secret ingredient". You are the secret.

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