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Thread: Inside David Merrill's Head

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    Inside David Merrill's Head

    Here is some insight, especially for Walter.

    This website has a graphic interactive description of the brain. Expand it larger and check out the inside brain especially.

    Load this CAT Scan of David Merrill's head by:

    Download the entire file folder.
    From within the folder double-click DSCSTART.EXE
    Click View Images from the upper left button
    Only one file is available so highlight DAVID MERRILL and press View
    You will find two images in the left panel and 33 images in the right panel. Hold your mouse in either panel and scroll through the images

    Here is an interesting article about an abnormal brain.

    Since Fukushima I have been de-calcifying my entire body. So I should get a look at a new brain scan and compare them some time soon. My eyesight has improved and I will again need new glasses too. My lenses are softening up. When I told my new barber how old my daughter is she remarked that I must have had her when I was very young! But then, she was also working return business...

    It looks to the layman me, like I have three pineal glands? After studying the links though, I think the other two calcified organs are my amygdali.

    Name:  CAT Scan three stones sanitized.JPG
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    Name:  CT Smiley Face s.jpg
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    See the smile? That's where I have sex.
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    I would be very interested in how you have been going about de-calcifying your body

    Canadian solution

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    That would involve exposing you and others to unproven and possibly risky methods.

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    Walter Freeman would love to see you David.

    Name:  walter-freeman.jpg
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    Name:  pineal-gland-eye-of-horus.jpg
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    Everyone knows that MJB Coffee is used to de-calcify the Pineal Gland.

    Name:  MJB Flip.jpg
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    hi David

    what prompted you to have a catscan? hope it wasnt an injury or medical problem. they are interesting! havnt had one done on my head yet to look at, they are pricey too.

    should the courts be using them because its still all in the interpretations of the evidense.

    im starting to think the best way to have anything work the way you want it to is by imagining it that way!

    imagine that! ;-)

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    Pineal Gland

    Hello everyone!!

    I am brand new and this is my first reply to a thread. I was just browsing some threads and came across this topic on the Pineal Gland. Anyone who has ever thought about the remedies that are involved in decalcifying the Pineal Gland and even ones body are entering into a spiritual blessing.. I have been doing this avidly everyday for the past 3 years and it is unbelievable what you open your mind, body and soul up to. it is beyond your very thought process at this time because if you haven't participated in the process then it is very hard to imagine the differences.

    For any of you reading this you are now asking yourselves okay!!! what are you doing on a daily basis? I consume 1 gallon of distilled water, I take 3 tablespoons of braggs apple cider vinegar, I eat 2 lemons, and I take a dropper of collodial silver everyday. I know that there is other products that are talked about in various articles that I am sure plenty of people have reviewed but, this is what I do personally everyday alongside a very well regimented healthy lifestyle.

    I pray that this may find some encouragement for anyone who has had any thoughts on trying this.. I know that it helps to hear testimonies from men and women.

    I have to close for now everyone. I look forward to chatting with folks in this community. I will be back at beginning of next week. I am traveling over the next 4 days so I will not be here until then.

    May The most High Bless all of you. Good Night

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    Welcome Invictus Ministries;

    I look forward to you getting back.

    Posting the CAT Scan has been revealing for me. Decalcifying the amygduli too; they are associated with emotion and I am getting big on that "female" component in my thinking being in balance.


    I crashed and cracked my head. I presume to watch the scan file like I show in the Opening Post you downloaded the entire file folder. There are pictures and audio files too about getting free emergency room care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    Welcome Invictus Ministries;

    I crashed and cracked my head.
    ouch.. do you remember anything? (besides seeing stars)

    hope it was just an accident and no foul play involved. I didnt look at the files you posted yet. have seen a few of my own catscans but not for my head. they are interesting to scroll through.

    heal well David.

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    FWIW I think PH level of our body needs to be kept in a certain range. it helps conductivity so maybe it would help that gland somehow to?

    I plan to start monitoring and correcting my PH soon. it just makes so much sense! why its not common knowledge and a standard practice in the med field kinda makes me mad though.

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    I drink apple cider vinegar. The presumption is that in countering the gastric acidity, my blood pH is basic or alkaline. It is counter intuitive though. So be careful before doing as I do, just because you trust my judgment.

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