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Thread: Inside David Merrill's Head

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    I drink apple cider vinegar. The presumption is that in countering the gastric acidity, my blood pH is basic or alkaline. It is counter intuitive though. So be careful before doing as I do, just because you trust my judgment.

    hey, I think that should really help! I had a kidney stone come loose (oddly from a fresh apple juice only fast) it got stuck in somewhere else and was painful so I readup on remedies and found apple cider vinegar was most popular followed by extra virgin olive oil mixed with fresh lemon juice.

    I mixed them all together and the pain went away shortly after and later that day I passed that kidney stone.

    I was most amazed how fast the pain went away after drinking that mix though. (very yucky BTW)

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    Invictus Ministries...I do approximately same thing that you do except I take a little more colloidal silver than you do....I've been doing this for 10 or more years....I've found over the years that it heals cuts and burns at a very fast speed ...It shortens colds, sore throats and the need a nose sprayer for that... it kills germs on just about anything; colloidal silver also purifies water, but the amazing thing is it kills the deadly pathogen Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus [MRSA] that has become resistant to almost all known prescription antibiotics and there are studies that prove to work on as many as 600 pathogens. I took care of my granddaughter for 5 years and the first two years she was sick every month so I started giving her a dropper full of colloidal silver every day.....The next 3 years I can count on my right hand how many times she's been sick....I can't prove it but I believe that it was the colloidal silver.....I used to get cold sores every month on my lip....Since I started spraying my lip morning and night every day with colloidal silver for the past ten years and I've had two cold sores and my wife hasn't had any....The drug companies will charge you twenty dollars for something that doesn't even work....I make my own colloidal silver for pennies.
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    Fortunately I have never had a need to prove it out - colloidal silver. I noted that QUAI Chang (Kung Fu) was shot by an arrow, right through, passed out in a CHRIST-like swoon, by a silver-tipped arrow. Albeit acting, it struck me this might avoid the traditional sepsis.

    Fabricating colloidal silver.

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