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Thread: Orgies, A Brief History

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    Orgies, A Brief History

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    Image from Stanley Kubrick's, Eyes Wide Shut

    This highlights sources which discuss the original and true meaning of the word orgy thusly revealing that the word did not specifically refer to 'group sex' activities but generally to any form of 'secret rites worship'. The first is from Orgies, A Brief History:

    Etymology. Originally in plural from French (orgies), from Latin orgia (neuter plural) cognate with Greek ????? (orgeia), both meaning ’secret rites, revels (literally, rites performed in the forest at night), secret worship’ . --Source: Orgies, A Brief History.
    Another source:

    The word orgy has become connected in the minds of many of us with unrestrained sexual activity, but its origins are much less licentious. We can trace the word as far back as the Indo-European root *werg-, meaning "to do," also the source of our word work. Greek orgia, "secret rites, worship," comes from *worg-, one form of this root. The Greek word was used with reference to the rites practiced in the worship of various deities, such as Orpheus and Dionysus. The word in Greek did not denote sexual activity, although this was a part of some rites. The rites of Dionysus, for example, included only music, dancing, drinking, and the eating of animal sacrifices. Having passed through Latin and Old French into English, the word orgy is first recorded in English with reference to the secret rites of the Greek and Roman religions in 1589. It is interesting to note that the word is first recorded with its modern sense in 18th-century English and perhaps in 17th-century French. Whether this speaks to a greater licentiousness in society or not must be left to the historian, but certainly the religious nature of the word has gone into eclipse.
    It is well established that sodomization by males of other males was and is practices as part of ancient and modern secret rites worship.

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    Sex is very interetting indeed. Thank you for pointing out that orgies are originally secret rituals in the woods at night. I have wandered through such links and then had to sort though a lot of SPAM, strange women mostly, very concerned about my penis length and stability of my erections etc.

    Therefore I have to bite my mouse.

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