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Thread: So help me god

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    Interestingly this might be influenced by the fantasy we can access 100% of our brain cells. - Inspired by the movie and TV series "Limitless" with a magic pill called NZT-48...

    So I do not have the hope of getting my hands on NZT and it looks like one of those plastic pads on the corner of cupboard doors I was taught early not to put in my mouth. However...

    Attachment 3671

    Attachment 3672

    But I still attribute my "genius" to the brain trust, including here and Lawful Money Trust like Allodial, Brian, Michael Joseph, Pumpkin, Shikamaru... Walter, xparte... - incomplete and in alphabetical order. How many people have thought of this?

    I was calling it "Open-Faced Email Broadcasts" maybe fifteen years before anybody thought of "bursts". But even then, cultivating all the members of the burst into courts of competent jurisdiction beforehand? We even had a formal rule about broadcasting way back. You had to have a LoR Default Judgment in place to broadcast.

    The Patriot Delusion entertains a fable/legend/myth/parable/hallucination (illusions) that there will be a meltdown or collapse... That Armageddon and Rapture will solve this elastic problem - that God will always honor "MY" reality and that I will stay true to fact, history, truth and law... That we will get a Vacation soon. I have been waiting for the value of the DOLLAR alone to somehow snap, for the "plunge protection team" to make such a big mistake that God or OBAMA will fire their sorry asses... - For so long that I begin to wonder if I might be looking at the whole thing wrong!

    Revaluation is Quantitative Easing?

    Is it simply like MJ says?

    We just focus on the emotional condition of whatever womb we have selected, often within ourselves or in our lover, and Forgive so that it is a godly womb bringing forth loving creations. WOLSKI is not going to go kill himself or be killed by the many angry convicts imprisoned by his vacant office...

    Add please: Inside David Merrill's Head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    I wish to encourage you to share what you glean.

    Attachment 3656

    I have some perceptions to share from the image alone. Sorry to judge a book by its cover but I would like to update/revise the Gospel of Pragmatism today - just for having a little time between projects. I mention that because this treatise you share seems along those lines.

    My disagreement with HILL stems from the ACIM Authority Problem. I will provide a quotation at the end of this post and my interpretation of ACIM is unique - maybe best in a word - POLTERCHRIST. - A biochemical gateway was lowered and so Helen was compelled to host the Voice by LSD dosing. There is something elegantly scientific about that, like double-blind.

    My point is that the issue of ownership of the Fed is solved by discovering the owner of the Fed. That is to say, Congress and the People assembled therein own the Fed because We created the Fed in 1913. Sure, the bill was formed out of meetings on Jekyl Island but everything I need to know about the Fed is in the Act because that is my ownership and it is My Creation. I have control over the Fed and am currently Trustee for the resulting trust. - Quite literally BELIEVE IT OR NOT. I even think that many in disbelief make my life a lot more enjoyable and safe.

    It is true that the IRS is not an agency of the federal government. It is however an instrumentality because of the charter:

    Attachment 3658

    See that? The Fed's purpose is by and large to furnish elastic currency. This means that these stock certificates (bills) are actually designed for redemption, like the stock certificates that they are. More to my point of instrumentality though, these stock certificates are designed to go down in value; against all sense of fiduciary responsibility. Therefore the Fed cannot be a regular corporation.

    Attachment 3659

    Recently on Godlike Productions a troll engaged some of the more ignorant by titillating their desire to believe in private law. Well, if you want to sum up David Merrill the Trustee, there is no such thing; private law. Any engagement in secret bills (NESARA comes to mind) is breach of trust.

    Therefore you can believe in private law. I cannot stop your belief set from accepting the existence like John-Henry HILL seems to have adopted, that the Fed has private ownership. And I think that you are much more likely to find yourself helpless against the wind and tide, like a cork blown about the sea. By creating private law, you become subject to such trolls like linked.

    I have attached the formation of the Fed Act as found in the Statutes at Large. Also, I have the full Act of 1913 on my gdrive for anybody to examine my words, and hopefully discover the truth. I feel that the Authority Problem, and thus the ownership of the Fed is solved.

    hi David,

    I still have not read all of that page i linked, seems you havent either though lol

    ownership and authority are both difficult concepts for me. the ACIM stuff seems to right but bizzare how it came to be. that helped me see the authority problem better though.


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