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Thread: Do You Worship "The Great One"?

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    Do You Worship "The Great One"?

    Do You Worship "The Great One"?
    The Great One is tall, strong, mighty and ancient. Do you worship him? My point is that the significance of names over titles cannot be overemphasized IMHO when it comes to knowing who or what you worship (i.e. serve).

    I have made the point over the years that the following:

    • He
    • Him
    • God
    • King
    • President

    ...are not necessarily names. And in case you are curious, by "The Great One" I'm referring to a horse. But imagine sitting in the pews of a 'church' for a decade and hearing the alleged "church leader" refer to "The Great One" and how you should give money to the great one and how you should go out and serve the The Great One and bring more people to join the flock so that the coffers of The Great One shall be full! ... only to find out...The Church of the Great One is..well...

    ...the church leader has a racing horse named The Great One. Alternatively, the church leader has a high view of himself so in his eyes, he'd be "The Great One".

    If you ever visit a 'church' and time after time and never hear mention of Jesus, Yeshua, YHWH, or and only "Christ", "Him", "The One", "Lord" etc. just maybe what you don't hear and why you don't hear it might surprise you as to the reason why.

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    P.S. Ancient can refer to something over twenty years old.
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    Thank you Allodial!

    Food for thought.

    Donkey Chortles.
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    Christ rolling into town on the ASS a humility so appointed for us to realize how stubbornly materialistic we were then and how the kingdom Christ offers is a humble one he had never intended saving this kingdom as its material offers only a physical wealth keeping spiritual kingdom is joining him at some point were all out on our ass.

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    when the physical body lies in bed deserted by the ego
    in order to understand a watch
    one must penetrate deeply into the nature of the thing with the
    before comprehension at the divine in our world is never as simple or plain
    as saying our naive human intelligence should suffice
    that it has reached a point of a wakeful
    when any reference is made to the profound and or religious documents
    all the while these are complicated explanations rather than
    it should all be plain and simple however only those who have the good
    intention and good will to plunge down into the great cosmic facts
    can penetrate into the deep meaning such words as those
    at the very beginning at the most profound words that are in fact a paraphrase of spiritual
    science the demand for truth
    that is to translate the introductory words a discussable
    quote in the beginning was the Word
    and the Word was with God. And the word was a god
    or divine, this was in the beginning with God was the life and life became the light man and the light comprehended light not imposed with the darkness has chosen little by little to an understanding
    at the light as is recounted in Gospels.
    When the physical body lies in bed deserted by the ego the underestimated light is never a spiritual darkness.

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