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Thread: The East India Company: The Original Corporate Raiders

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    Those who are willing to hear what the Christ followers who were true contemporaries of Christ were not yet able to bear. Those who allow Christ's Grace to flow into their hearts in ever increasing abundance The ‘hard of heart’ will resist this Grace, saying: Go back to the Bible, to the literal text of the Bible, for that alone is true. This is a disavowal of the words which in Christ itself kindle light, words which we can take into our hearts: ‘I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.’ Good it will be for men when they can bear more and more in this sense: for thereby they prepare themselves for the ascent into the spiritual heights. And to these spiritual heights Christ leads the way. for the disciple who deciphers Gospels and Acts. Those whose conception of Christ bears the state of being are men who know that the words that Christ is with us to the end of time are true meaning that He is the constant Revealer of the New and at the same time its origin and source. increasing abundance The Luciferic Spirits gave man material desires; as their countermeasures the higher Beings introduced illness and suffering as the consequences of material desires and interests, to the end that he should not utterly succumb to this world of sense. And so there is exactly as much suffering and pain in the world as there is interest only in the physical and the material. The scales are held in perfect balance; the one does not outweigh the other — so many passions and desires on the one side, so much illness and pain on the other. R4C abundantly Revealed in ones redeemed balance Therefore Christ is the Power who has enabled man to turn earth-existence ultimately to good account, in other words to give karma its true configuration — for karma must be worked out on the the shit out abundantly plain TIME OUT That man finds in himself the force to profit by his karma in physical existence, that advancing evolution is possible for him — all this he owes to the working of the Christ Event, to the presence of Christ in the earthly realm.And so we see many diverse forces and beings working together in the evolution of humanity. Had Christ not come upon this earth, man would still have been in error, hardened within himself a globe on its own, knowing nothing of other beings, entirely self-enclosed, driven into that condition by error and sin.
    Christ is verily the Light which leads out of error and sin, the Light which enables man to find the way upwards. What was it that was lost to man in that he descended from the spiritual world, was ensnared in desires and passions under the influence of Lucifer, and then, under his own influence, in error, illusion and lying in the earthly world? He lost direct vision of the spiritual world, he lost understanding of the spiritual world. Once there was a way to get back home Golden slumbers kiss your eyes,
    Smiles awake you when you rise ;
    Sleep, pretty wantons, do not cry,
    And I will sing a lullaby,
    Rock them, rock them, lullaby.
    Care is heavy, therefore sleep you,
    You are care, and care must keep you ;
    Sleep, pretty wantons, do not cry,
    And I will sing a lullaby,
    Rock them, rock them, lullaby.
    Golden Slumbers Kiss Your Eyes Poem by Thomas Dekker the fifth Beatle The ‘hard of heart’ will resist this Grace, saying: Go back to the Bible, to the literal text of the Bible, well integrity isn't in the book and grace wont jump of any page. Once there was a way to get back home Man just a globe on its own. each man has a way back home. detractors are abundantly distracted.great journeys need greater journals .

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    In my mind, distracted means guilted (golden calf imagery - foiled) into becoming the Individual who cannot sue under the 11th Amendment.

    I will see you at lunch, my friend.

    Many thanks for the inadvertent vector, Victor. OR was that planned? Wandering minds wonder endlessly...
    [Inside joke - sorry! But that is what inside jokes are about...]

    He noticed how the link to the federal Constitution has the Original 13th Amendment. Well I spent some time down there in the Archives and the Original 13th Amendment kept on here in Colorado until 1868! This is the real agenda behind the Civil War...

    Name:  monuments center.jpg
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    METRO organization facilities at the heart of the Fibb Spiral...

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    Spiral Out - Keep Going. I almost forgot to mention how the Treasury Vault is located on the SE Corner - the federal repository.

    Name:  6744-969.jpg
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    Name:  6744-973.jpg
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    You might think that is the end of the journey... I am telling you, the security guard actually caught me running my camera, inside the US Notes repository - check into that term, repository - and was afraid to confront me about it. I suppose it is mine after all. Funny though, the transformation that came over him about rules.

    Name:  national banking sanitized.jpg
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    Some might say I hypnotized him? Pressure broiled chicken on the brain? - Seals in the flavor and captures the soul.
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    P.S. You really can't miss how the Civil War was displayed outside the Treasury Vault (video linked above)!

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    I asked with the curator at the Mason Museum - he said, "God, NO!"

    So I thought it kind of like when she says, "Oh, God!" or that God no, he couldn't care less...

    Attachment 4005

    Here I am showing the LINCOLN scepter to a religious leader. Can you say "Mind Bomb"?
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    Thank you xparte;

    That is very encouraging. I like that poem too. It brings the song to mind and I never tried to understand it beyond the literal.

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