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Thread: A New Mosquito (aka "The Gates Mosquito")? (Mexico)

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    A New Mosquito (aka "The Gates Mosquito")? (Mexico)

    Gates Mosquito?
    Jim Stone | April 18 2016

    There are new tiny mosquitos in this section of Mexico now that people have not seen before. And their behavior is not what people have seen before. And the bites are not what people have seen before.

    1. They do not fit the Ades Aegypti traits. These are fast fliers that have supreme mosquito intelligence. They can dive bomb and bite instantly, and there is no way you can swat them. When you get after them they have super fast darting motions and immediately land on something dark colored to obscure where they landed, and / or quickly find an object to get under, where they patiently sit. Due to their tiny size and super fast direction changes it is practically impossible to follow them with your eyes, even when they are against a totally white background which makes them easy to see. It is as if a re-programmed hybrid type of mosquito has been released that was specifically designed to be impossible to kill. They are loud. So you know when one is coming but if you do not have a mosquito racket you can forget avoiding a bite - they WILL BITE and they WILL GET AWAY.

    2. The bites are horrible. They leave huge trenches. One tiny mosquito will easily cause 500 times it's body weight in skin to dissolve and turn into a scab. This is without scratching anything. I have never seen any mosquito bite cause a scab unless skin was scratched off to get rid of the itch. NOT SO WITH THESE, these will cause scabs even if you never scratch the bite. And I'd like to know how on earth the characteristics of a mosquito bite changed so much in one year.

    3. Mosquitos this small exist on the Mexican coast near the ocean, but not in this area. So people are wondering how on earth these got here. The small mosquitos near the coast are slow flying and easy to kill. IF they can bite at all, nothing happens, they are too small to leave an irritating bite. So obviously the new arrivals are not simply brought in from the coast.

    Some people are stupid about this and do not care (beyond the fact that there is something new and annoying), but I am worried and we are now sealing off the house as tight as a freeze dried food bag. And most puzzling of all: ABSOLUTELY NONE of the normal mosquito varieties are around this year. 100 percent of all mosquitos so far are these little fighter pilots that avoid every swat and get away every time. So this would indicate that even in the wild, against other mosquito breeds these little devils are competitive and predatory.

    We will have to wait and see what the results are, but from looking at where they are taking the Zika lie, they now have their scapegoat and as far as I see it, ALL BETS ARE OFF.
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