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Thread: Presenting Driver License Card

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gavilan View Post
    In New Jersey, driver is defined at Title 39 TITLE 39 MOTOR VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC REGULATION 39:1-1 Words and phrases defined.
    long link click here
    Tip - place the vehicle in trust and have the trustee to be a Trust Company.
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    Blacks 4th

    QUALIFY. To make one's self fit or prepared to exercise a right, office, or franchise. To take the steps necessary to prepare one's self for an office or appointment, as by taking oath, giving bond, etc. Archer v. State,74 Md.443,22 A. 8, 28 Am.St.Rep.261. State v. Albert, 55 Kan.154, 40 P.86.
    Also to limit; to modify; to restrict. Thus, it is said that one section of a statute qualifies another.

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    Quote Originally Posted by walter View Post
    Blacks 4th

    QUALIFY. To make one's self fit or prepared to exercise a right, office, or franchise. To take the steps necessary to prepare one's self for an office or appointment, as by taking oath, giving bond, etc. Archer v. State,74 Md.443,22 A. 8, 28 Am.St.Rep.261. State v. Albert, 55 Kan.154, 40 P.86.
    Also to limit; to modify; to restrict. Thus, it is said that one section of a statute qualifies another.
    Thank you, Walter!

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    Hope everyone is well, a lot of good knowledge thus far, you know this topic, I have a lot of trouble with, I don't have it's ID and dont want it in a way however, to start my Trust and register it's propert under the Trust as the trustee it needs one in order for me to opporate in its capasity, a catch 357, ive looked up IDP's which needs backed by a contracted DL. Affidivats of Identity, none will accept an Officer of the States verification? thats how badly some are brainwashed. however brainstorming I wanted to focus on ther language, don't know verbatim, it does state that those opperating in commerce needs a license. (that's my laymen, not from statute) however operating and commerce is in the same sentence. so thought, we might not be able to establish freedom of movement as constitutional because the genevea and vinnie conventions back up the license. I step in and say, "well, I plan to plead to the FACTS upon proof I was infact operating in Commerce, when My Trust hold the insurance liabilty and my vehicle is registered in the trust... you see where im going? I need some input, i literally think of this for hours, im ready to file all my paperwork and all that. I am new here and wanted to end this by acknowleding my excitement to find a site with some people i am at eye level with, and hope im welcomed. i guess im restricted or something however, look forward to future discussions.

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    Can this count?

    Can this count as my second? lol I am not a Spammer, actually I don't know what that is really, is that like a solicitor? I know what a spark plug is though. had fun putting that together

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    Welcome Christopher!

    I like your style.

    You prompt me to review both innovative precepts in trust law, while observing some of the residual patriot magick that has led us all to dissect our mental models.

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    It was related to a story about a guy out California ways. He said he was stopped by cops in California. He showed him his license and the cop took it back to the car. The guy could hear the radio traffic to which the duty boss said "Give it back to him and get out of there."

    The license, it was explained, read something like this:

    I, John Henry, a titled sovereign, am competent to handle all of my affairs. I give myself the right to drive and travel. Any person who asks me for my license is hereby declared incompetent by me, a lawful Californian.

    Signature: John Henry, Secured Party and Title Owner.
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    Okay, So yesterday was intresting, I attempted to open an account with no ssn and served two notices to bankman one Constructive, beware, they try to use Patriot act to request identification, have a look at cip (certifying identification procedures) requires "reasonable belief") Section 226 or 326 of patriot act is the rebuttal to that. My thought is if you look up treasury form pdf0385 you'll see where im headed and back that up with an Affidavit of Truth or One's self.. whatever you title it as long as you stand correct, you have proven reasonable belief of identity, if you see the form it requires a meddalion stamp (securities) well this is a checking and is governed by art 9 right? well, im dealing with my "exemption" with the treasury mr. bankman im sorry to inform you that your a middle man with obligations and such information is not required by law. however, i'm acting in good-faith to do business, the treasury certifys this. Also, it got a presentment today dept of education, steped in and used 12 usc, (thank you for that new info, opened me up to more info) on the "remedy" (stub portion they always want back with an open check) and A4V the contract it was attached to. question is it obligatory to use registered mail? or have I, in admin terms and regulation z fulfilled good-faith?

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    Regarding the Californian, I don't know allodial, i've been stopped and when they ask for its license, i ask "well, who do you wish to speak to?" lol they get mad, however, I looked into the IDP and in some states is only valid if you present its id, also look up articles by cops for other cops, discovered it by accident as i was mad clicking on things, this cop was talking about sovereigns and ways to deal with them, and dangers blah blah blah even went as deep as gathering info and gps trackers. crazy.. get that security agreement in order for real. most-likely, these lower people dont mean to sound the way it looks, are all puppets, they dont even know who is cranking this machine they have a quota and that alll that matters to them. unfortunately some people who think they know the whole process may make mistakes and get introuble or even get so mad the act tyrranical about it. as a Sovereign we stand correct and they must Govern themselves accordingly, We Must keep our composure though thats how the carry the burden at all times. not us.
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    My response is to think of SSI as insurance. Now especially if you have been paying premiums for 40+ quarters (10 years) then you are eligible for "old age" insurance payouts, as I call it.

    I don't have a SSN.

    This means that it is an identifier for that insurance policy. Why would I give it to anybody. So instead of them prying and coercing me for it, I simply tell them I do not have one. I am sure that the insurance company does not want me talking about my policy to third parties anyway. I recall the older cards saying, NOT TO BE USED FOR IDENTIFICATION. - Something like that.

    So parse through it, like a grammatical project.

    What they will do if they need the SSN to proceed is use the one on file? So why did they insist so fiercely that I provide it if they already had it?! ANSWER: They need my consent to use it for ID purposes. If ANYBODY uses the SSN for anything without your consent that is probably Identity Theft; especially if they are utilizing it for a transaction like Booking.

    So if they just use the one already on file in Booking, you can bet if you sued the Sheriff for that, or tried to charge him with theft of some sort, the Lieutenant on duty would just say that you told it to him (gave your consent to use it).

    So far as the bank goes, they need to identify you as an INDIVIDUAL.

    That one is quite easy to parse out. Individuals are alone and separate. AKA - sinner. Death/Debt/Doubt (God loves you). This puts you into their religious registration as those who need to make sacrifice to appease an angry and jealous God. - A god of religious manufacture, made up out of the guilt of converting love into currency.

    Next time you see a homeless man or woman pull out $5 or $20 and ask, Do you need some money? You will start to get it. Go to a different bank and give the the number of the policy, put your demand on the Signature Card. Here is some advice. When they want you to sign a digital pad tell them that you need a true paper copy, to be a responsible fiduciary for the trust you are arranging. They should be able to accommodate you and provide you a pen and paper Signature Card.

    If you have been walking away from ANYTHING that you sign without a copy in your hand, then make sure that you just write, "Lawful Money." and nothing else. Make your demand for redemption clear.

    The patriot mythology is like self-flagellation. You will never get ahead and prosper until you study trust law. Click on my signature to get started at Lawful Money Trust.

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