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Thread: The Quos-Allah Stelle

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    The Quos-Allah Stelle

    Qos/Quos/Quos/Kaush (Chaos?) was known as the God of storms, the word 'qos' also means 'bow'. Qos a diety associated specifically with the Edomites. From the article "ALLAH, HIS HERITAGE...":

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    Horned stele with Qos-allah, Seal attributed to Edomite Qaush, Djin block (Glueck, Browning).

    A stele is dedicated to Qos-allah 'Qos is Allah' or 'Qos the god', by Qosmilk (melech - king) is found at Petra (Glueck 516). Qos is identifiable with Kaush (Qaush) the God of the older Edomites. The stele is horned and the seal from Edomite Tawilan near Petra identified with Kaush DISPLAYS A STAR AND CRESCENT (Gluek, Browning).
    Allah is also known as Qos-allah but one thing that is very interesting is the part in which the star crescent is found before Islam in Petra. This symbol was first used as symbol of a older pagan deity. Ironically this deity also had the name Allah and just like the modern version used the crescent star. Muslims who attack other religions as being pagan should really be careful since historical inscriptions are showing also that Islam did clearly descend from a pagan heritage.

    The treasury at Petra. Al-Uzza as grain goddess and as Mari the sea goddess crowned by dolphins. (Glueck, Browning)
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