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Thread: Student Lending Revealed

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    Student Lending Revealed

    I may be interpreting the memo harshly but until today this policy has been private.

    This bulletin makes public Chief National Bank Examiner (CNBE) Policy Guidance 2010-2 (REV), “Policy Interpretation: OCC Bulletin 2000-20—Application to Private Student Lending,” which was issued to OCC employees only on August 4, 2010. In making this guidance public today, the OCC made minor formatting and typographical adjustments.
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    P.S. I am just sayin'...

    Sometimes suitors would inquire what might be done about student loan obligations. I showed a little about the redemption techniques of discharging against the SSN but really did not feel right about the honor. Then again the bank never pledges consideration so the borrower is actually pledging the credit...

    In the end I would usually admit that I know little about student lending. At least now I know why I am ignorant.

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    A financial method for discharging student loans is to arbitrage one debt against another all the while continuing the periodic payments with the same debt instrument.

    This will permit satisfying the annuity (definition::context::finance:: a series of payments made at equal intervals) in addition to utilizing lump sum payments to drastically curtail the total volume of interest thus shortening and compressing the amortization schedule.

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