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Thread: Please help us understand how redeeming will work in a system like this?

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    Please help us understand how redeeming will work in a system like this?

    Here is the link about the "secret" or "private" meeting. Here is the link to some of the sensationalism.

    Through religious and chi kung studies - falling in love with David CARRADINE for example at the tender age of twelve, I discovered that when heritage and destiny are coherent, there is peace.


    Some of you reading here actually get me, and understand a bit about who I AM. One would be wise to consider that in order to find destiny coherent with anything, one would have to know destiny. This is not a matter of knowing the future; it is a matter of understanding that time is an illusion.

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    Back in college I was speaking in past tense, "I invented a time machine when I was forty." I did.

    I invented Artificial Intuition when I was sixty-nine too. I am intentionally putting off readers who ridicule biblical prophecy. I hope only a few read on.

    I invented CD and DVD disks/players. I invented those little SD Cards too. Since those are tangible now, you might better relate to my claim. If you check into my resume you will find that I was employed at the leading engineering/manufacturing firms in these two fields when they were knife edge. Fellow engineers would say, "Preposterous" as you cannot claim a team's efforts. Fine. If I was after fame and fortune in that sense, I would have it.

    One example is that I played chess with the inventor of computer linguistics. He still works in advanced and high security engineering so I will not mention his name. He sold his patent to Texas Instruments ($1) and it went into a kid's toy... Remember the Speak & Spell? Well, you will just have to wait if you do not understand time, to see, everybody was all in knots about trusting machines with intuition and the first commercial application was Air Traffic Safety. Go figure!

    My chess opponent (it is kind of like war so I don't call them chess friends) ran the Five Cube Sum Number Locks through a program and reported that there are only five of them on the entire number line. Much like Fermat's Last Theorem - you cannot redact a Proof but you can try it until the cows come home or you run out of meaningful digits on a supercomputer. So if you are still reading then maybe it is just because you know me well enough to be entertained by my kind of fun?

    My point shall come quickly now.

    For the operations of a system like described one must secure against theft. In a simplified nutshell when you have a prime number that is two other prime numbers added together, you know what the two addends are making the prime number sum. It is not that simple but you might better follow this lunacy. Otherwise somebody might just take a "0" off your account some day and add a "0" onto his or her account. He or she will be your Redeemer.


    One can guess the two prime addends but even at high speed, with how large the passkey codes are, this will take hours at best, unless you just get lucky. Which can happen. But you are likely to get caught much sooner than you get lucky.

    I will redeem the day when if you want to move $100K across town you will need to lease an armored car. I know this because the Fast RSA Factoring Algorithm was a key component for inventing Artificial Intuition.

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    This "secret meeting" does not revoke 12 USC 411.

    The CHOICE to demand lawful money still exists.

    The "adjustment/redemption" occurs annually via a 1040 filing. (Yes, you should be filing 1040s annually since the legitimately-presumed DEFAULT currency is FRNs - not USNs - in the Matrix that "our" NAME operates in.)

    Digital transactions are covered IF you make your demand EXACTLY as shown at my websites.

    See 1040 Help thread for more info.
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    Thank you Doug;

    For me, it might be the starting gun was triggering the Montana Freemen Standoff with my Comptroller Warrant. And all that is spawned of fear is nothing real.

    If I had spent any more time fighting for the delusions of others, I would be ashamed.

    At first, digital currency was based in elastic currency. Then...
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    Maybe I can elaborate from the Fine Structure Constant:

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    Better - I will just show you all what is scheduled to happen.

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    That value is set and preserved at $42.22/troy ounce.

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    Those who watched without knowing what had been planned for the chattel, watched in horror.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    Confidence = competence.

    I find that through biofeedback my pineal gland will release dimethyltryptamine on command. Meanwhile many cities still load up the drinking water with calcium flouride, turning people's pineal glands into bone.

    That is the heart of commercial priestcraft, render a people to accept that prophecy is so scarce they actually go through the expense to record Prophets and even renew the parchments, word for word over the centuries.

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    I believe that the calcification on my pineal gland and amygdali are completely gone.

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    Take care that it is the relationships of the Five Cube Sum Number Locks that unlocks the Fast RSA Factoring Algorithm.

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    The significance of the numbers themselves being prime or not, and the intervals being prime or not, reveals through the esoteric becoming exoteric. In the above post we find at John 7:15 and John 21:11 an encryption of the Temple, like Allodial shows above - 153, the first Cube Sum Number Lock after 1:

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    63 is truly 666.

    There is unity in 1.

    There is toggle between 370 and 371. 371 is the number of years from Killian's patent to my Bill of Exchange - August 13, 1630 to August 13, 2001.

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    P.S. I once thought that the convergent property - "Emotion" - meant that emotion was an important factor. What it means to me now is that Fear creates delusions, as easily as Love creates reality. Only the path of one objective truth leads to peace.

    P.S. Summarizing what turns out to be my monologue;

    If you dabble in elastic or digital currencies, know when to get out. What looked like a crash ($42.22/fine troy ounce) burned a lot of good people.
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    This Crosstalk is no doubt useful:

    How is it do you think that something is a secret and yet you know about it? It's a trick. It's there to put your mind into stagnation.

    Let's just see if the OCC is really thinking about digital currencies?

    Click Here.

    And you might look at some more source material Click Here.

    But if you prefer to project them operating in secret, you are a conspiracy buff.

    There is no cost to register, but space is limited. Attendees must register no later than June 9, 2016, and registration will close when full. If unable to attend, the event will be webcast live from
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    Someone should introduce below bank at forum:
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