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Thread: Greetings to All!

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    Greetings to All!

    Hello folks!

    My kind of place. I have been researching this of stuff for the last 3 years. Anything that has to do with being free of the system.

    There is a wealth of information here and I love talking to like minded people that don't think I'm nuts. I love learning from others.

    Thanks for having me! Let the good times roll!

    Little Raven

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    Welcome Little Raven;

    As I gain perspective of the students on LMT ( and here as well, I am beginning to think it better not to think of it as being free from the system. One might look carefully at what is planned for the system:

    Name:  gold back into the System.jpg
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    In light of the pegged valuation for gold, internationally:

    Name:  assets UN IMF Trust Fund.jpg
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    And also...

    Name:  Other Assets Mortgage Securitization.jpg
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    Now we just might go for the patriot mythology, and the comfort of "knowing" there is an enemy called the System. Or we might begin studying our relationship with the system. - Trust Law.

    P.S. Since the earmarked price of gold internationally is $42.22/fine troy ounce, don't you suspect that was the buying price, for member nations of the UN? - To bail out the housing bubble?
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    Hi all of you. I feel great to meet all of you. I hope I will learn here many kind of things and will spend a nice time here. I hope all of you will participate with me and share own travel stories with me. I hope I will also share my travel views with all of you. Have a good Day Guys.

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