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Thread: Cornell Law website omits 12 USC 95a

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    P.S. A suitor requested some help reviving an evidence repository, that has been staving off rigorous and aggressive revenue agents now for years.

    Here you go:

    Simply explain to the clerk of court in the Clerk Instruction.

    "Ms. PRETENDER is not a judge, as she has signed an oath that deviates in form from that prescribed by law. She has no judicial or sovereign immunity and is therefore culpable as an individual for any harm that may come to me or my estate due to interfering with my evidence repository. Please notice how her, So help me God, has been altered to all upper case letters. If she makes any further attempts to legally advise you about your job, request for me that she provide a written explanation why her oath of office is deviant from the plain English grammar and form prescribed by Congress."

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    You might wonder why I speak again of already having the Creative Ownership... Well at least I hope so. The Senior Judge assigned to the case is recused at the starting gate. His oath of office is deviant from prescribed law.

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    But this gets better! It looks as though he has recused himself? This marking was returned by the process server.

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    So I thought that I had a handle on which judge is on the case...

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    Also, it looks like I held up all filings for over a day, while they figured out I retain the authority - outside the sacrificial system of Levi, in the Order of Melchizedek; however they might perceive that knowledge.

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    I wish I had caught the time and date, but there were no posted filings; at all. And there are including bankruptcy cases in admiralty, over a hundred cases file per day.

    Then they all showed up, but not mine; not for several more hours.

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    So you might enjoy how that box for specifying details got so screwed up, and why you can no longer read which judge is assigned my cause (JUBILEE), if any.

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    So the clerk has fudged the dating of the filing system! Look here; my case shows up as having been filed on the 22nd...

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    And this is always the opportunity of a lifetime should you know when to spot it. Trustee for the Resulting Trust.

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    Man, why am I not able to draft things right? just when I feel I put it together, I am wrong. The one's i filed is now looking for an answer and I keep running through options to settle this. That was well put, David. well put bro. you motivate me to do more research.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher-T:Farley View Post
    Man, why am I not able to draft things right? just when I feel I put it together, I am wrong. The one's i filed is now looking for an answer and I keep running through options to settle this. That was well put, David. well put bro. you motivate me to do more research.


    “A natural power of the soul, set in the highest part thereof, moving and stirring it to good, aud adhorring evil. And therefore sinderesis never sinneth nor erreth. And this sinderesis our Lord put in man, to the intent that the order of things should be observed. And therefore sinderesis is called by some men the ‘law of reason,’ for it ministereth the principles of the law of reason, the which be in every man by na- ture, in that he is a reasonable creature.” Doct. & Stud. 39.

    Search your heart, ask for knowledge, wisdom, and guidance. The answer will come to you, if you are doing it because of the right motives. Be humble, being right and yet proud may take you down the wrong path. See the book of Job.

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    Thank you for that, I wasn't even aware of that word. let alone even existing in the black's law. however, per your information, and im sure you've seen my memorandum (above) I attempted to file, yet the clerk didn't and now there is a liabilty someone has to answer for again, I might be injured by such warrant or claim. Since i do have a certified mail receipt that I sent the paperwork to be filed for the person a presumed claim is against, I stated that I clearly challenge jurisdiction, (even though the person signed a court jugement due to lack of knoweledge a couple years back ) I stepped in, since i'm being injured due to this claim with support that jurisdiction can be challenged at anytime and where there is no juridiction all judgements are 'Void'. Well, I find myself in a position where they didn't honor that. If I file a Motion to vacate in support of lack of jurisdiction with the superior court, will they accept if I use there own 'statutes' and 'rules' and case-law however filing as a 3rd party and requesting individual 3rd party capasity? will I unknowingly sub-ject?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gavilan
    Spoke to them, and supposedly the omission is per editorial action of the Law Revision Council due to being redundant with another portion of the code.
    The reason why Law Cornell and the gov website both have 12 U.S.C. § 95a omitted is not done with malicious intent like fraud via omission. What Gavilan said (quoted above) was correct: 12 U.S.C. § 95a has been omitted due to redundancy. The statute is now found at 50 U.S.C. § 4305(b)2

    The language of 50 U.S.C. § 4305 is the same except this version says "subdivision" whereas 12 U.S.C. § 95a says "section":
    (2)Any payment, conveyance, transfer, assignment, or delivery of property or interest therein, made to or for the account of the United States, or as otherwise directed, pursuant to this subdivision or any rule, regulation, instruction, or direction issued hereunder shall to the extent thereof be a full acquittance and discharge for all purposes of the obligation of the person making the same; and no person shall be held liable in any court for or in respect to anything done or omitted in good faith in connection with the administration of, or in pursuance of and in reliance on, this subdivision, or any rule, regulation, instruction, or direction issued hereunder.
    I was looking into this at a law library a couple months ago, and was reading some case law on the issue (I'll have to find the specific cases again, and will post them then) and found that the use of the original statute - 12 U.S.C. § 95a - is no longer recognized by the court as having authority. The courts no longer recognizing the statute as having authority along with the aforementioned reason of redundancy is why 12 U.S.C. § 95a has since been omitted.
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    It no longer applies to banking. For the longest time (153 years) it applied to banking.

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