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Thread: Curcumin - Spiritual Ascension?

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    Curcumin - Spiritual Ascension?

    There might be other purification techniques at play:

    I have found some limited validation however, that the gangala ginger helps transport the turmeric's curcumin across the blood-brain barrier. Speaking for myself, this delivers a sense of well-being and peace for several hours, with clarity of thought and with no crashing or hangover whatsoever.

    The fresher the better:

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    The shavings are added to the rice noodle water and briefly boiled. Hard-boiled quail eggs and hot sesame oil on top!

    This seems no secret among the Chinese and as of yesterday, the eastern Indian cashier became animated with excitement about how great this is for health. When I mentioned Buddhahood she began laughing and nodding her jewel-tattooed forehead like it was great the news was out.

    P.S. Brushing with baking soda is a good method to get the yellow off your teeth.
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    What got me interested is an article in a layman medical periodical about how curcumin, a powerful antioxidant is indicated as being neuro-regenerative. - Meaning this will actually regenerate decrepit brain tissue and reverse spongiform encephalopathy like Human Mad Cow and Parkinson's Disease.
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    Curcumin's absorption into the body is accelerated with black pepper ..... something upwards of 2000%

    Turmeric is of the ginger family, I believe.

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    It came at first as a delightful surprise, but then it sank in that I knew it all along. Neuroregenerative vitamins are quite enlightening. I healed completely from my spinal injury and snorkel in very cold water daily. The combination of flying and breathing underwater feels like a dream. My creative thoughts are timed precisely for the best immediate fruition too.


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