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Thread: Compendium of Evidence Repositories before the CIT

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    I am glad you show interest.

    I would like to catch you all up on this topic, maybe a little later today. You will see why I want to delay a little.

    P.S. I hear a rumor about a "court order". Without seeing it, my best guess is how strongly this testifies to having an evidence repository. This latest "filing" was not published on PACER yet I am showing it on the Internet. The CIT refuses to publish my filing on PACER. So I cannot show it??

    I have shown you proper service of process on the CIT.
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    Greetings From Newbie

    Hello Folks!!!

    Just joining the tribe; therefore a quick "hello" to you old folks...


    Servicing Stop

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    Old folks? I am only half-way through this temporal life.

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    Well? Anything about that "court order" rumor? Bated breath here...

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    Thanks for staying on it.

    Here is what came back; no publication on PACER, no Case #. But they returned a Copy - not the Original so I consider it filed, or properly served NOTICE.

    Attachment 4174

    Since this is collection of testimony, I find it rewarding that they stopped publishing cases for five days (including the weekend) while they considered how to handle my matter. That shows careful contemplation.
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    Did you noticed the signature? Who in particular made the decision your claim/complaint did not fall under the court's jurisdiction. I am not trying to be obtuse, but it is interesting how they chose to deny your claim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gavilan View Post
    I had a nightmare last night, saw great calamity, war, famine, death. Woke up, opened the Bible and this was the passage that my eyes fell upon:

    That is how the LORD works all right.
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