...Scalia’s faith was integral to his identity. He objected to Vatican II and drove out of his way to find churches that celebrated Mass in Latin. He was the court’s most outspoken member on the subject of religion. He urged fellow intellectuals to proudly be “fools for Christ” and used an interview in 2013 to underscore his belief in the existence of the Devil, whose latest maneuver, he said, was “getting people not to believe in him or in God.”

Justice Scalia wanted to lower the wall of separation between church and state, endorsing school prayer, nativity displays on public property and public money for religious schools.

But he insisted that there was no such thing as a “Catholic justice,” and said his views were shaped by an understanding of the Constitution and a belief that a judge’s role is limited. (Source: A ‘Catholic’ Justice?)
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Justice Antonin Scalia wore a replica of a hat worn by St. Thomas More to the inauguration of Barack Obama at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, in 2013. (AP)