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    Fun Stuff

    Hi Everyone,
    I thought it might be fun to have a thread for money realted things that aren't necessarily accurate but give a different perspective. Please NOTE: this is in no means to take away from remedy discussed on this forum only to have fun and see others points of view. I like ANIME from Japan and found a new series that deals with money. Some may not find this worth interest as it does have occult overtones. But here is the link.
    I thought it put a real strange twist to the NEED for money.

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    That was fascinating! Thank you. - My first exposure to Anime.
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    I'm a big fan of :

    Fairy Tales
    Naruto & Naruto Shippuden
    One Piece
    Hokuto no Ken
    Dragonball & Dragonball Z

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    I enjoyed watching that.

    Looks like episode 2 is coming soon:

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    It seems Anime is designed around if you can piece the symbols together and get the hidden meaning, it give you a gratifying wise feeling.

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    I am really surprised sometimes by the story lines and level it makes one think. But with anime they always have to write some weird charater for comic relief. Other then that it is gratifying feeling. I thought this show touched a subject rarely talked about or made a series out of, money.

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    The Fun Things were still teenagers but managed to record a self titled E.P. in 1980. “It was just part of the punk process. It was something you wanted to do. We felt we had a couple of decent songs. We were still all in school at the time. I borrowed 400 bucks from my parents in order to make the thing happen,” Brad Shepherd recollected. The songs were “mixed gutsy guitar riffs, breakneck tempos, punk attitude and youthful exuberance in equal measure,” according to Ian Mc Farlane. In 2000 the EP was re-released on Pennimann Records from Spain. Some of the tracks in the past had been subject to bootlegging from outside Australia.

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