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Thread: The World's Largest Army (The Real Reason for Gun Control Deception)

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    by summing up all hunters as soldiers a creature was born,
    was that assumption right? hell no,
    is a standing army a creature? yes it is, a creature of statue.
    the word creature can mean anything from a municipality to a dogs number two,
    looks like one of those words designed to trick the reader, again,

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    You can have all the arms you want, but they do no good if you can't keep the reasons from using them.

    In effect, they (guns) are the tools to safeguard mutual coexistence, but this cannot be if we are ignorant of ourselves and our own power.

    You have to recognize what an evil man is, you know him by his fruits. You have to know how the deceivers work (Matthew 10:16), else by being naive, and failing to teach your children are reasons for their future oppression.

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    P.S. think back about the first time that when the first priest decided to breach the Trust that was placed with him... All the wars that could have been avoided.

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    Quote Originally Posted by walter View Post
    the word creature can mean anything from a municipality to a dogs number two,
    Soft serve?
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