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Thread: red light ticket - pulled over - how to beat it?

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    Did it look like this...

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    What is a 'Head Injury Surcharge'?
    Whose head was injured?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shikamaru View Post
    What is a 'Head Injury Surcharge'?
    Whose head was injured?
    Head Injury Trust Fund

    is subject to certain sections - connected to penalties association with violation of certain traffic sections -

    Quoting section 20 as follows: CLICK HERE FOR CODE

    There shall be a surcharge of $50 on a fine assessed against a person convicted or found responsible of a violation of section 17 or a violation of a special regulation lawfully made under the authority of section 18. The first $50.00 of each surcharge shall be transferred by the registrar of motor vehicles to the state treasurer for deposit into the Head Injury Treatment Services Trust Fund. The remaining amount shall be transferred by the registrar to the state treasurer for deposit in the General Fund.

    Section 17 FOUND HERE

    Section 18 FOUND HERE

    It appears that this HEAD ASSESSMENT is not applicable - I don't find it was applied to the charges.
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    Correct; $50 Head Injury Surcharge not assessed. I appealed the ticket and they scheduled a hearing:
    "The hearing you requested on the above civil motor vehicle infraction(s) will be held before a magistrate of this court on ..."

    Jeeps123, what became of your ticket?

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    I beat the ticket, by the way. Magistrate seemed a little unsure how to proceed until I agreed that her finding would apply to LEGAL NAME's record. I related the circumstances on the day I ran the red light and she quickly found me "NR" (Not Responsible). Almost like she was anxious to get me out of her courtroom.

    Thank You!

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    You are welcome.

    BTW it would seem that some of the cell towers in my neighborhood are unplugged? So if you have trouble reaching me for a few days, try texting.

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    A friend bought a new car over the weekend and when I saw him yesterday noticed the car had red dots over the door handles and trunk. I asked and he said something about temple. Turns out the automobile had been blessed by the Hindu priest in a puja (pooja).

    The ritual may seem odd to some Westerners, but the Hindu faith says that everything is connected to God, even material goods such as cars. Hindus bless a vehicle to ask deities to purify and safeguard the machine, to express appreciation, and to request that the car operate in a fruitful manner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    I wonder about naming a car?
    They all ready have a SURNAME.
    But no given names.
    Its how to record the given name you give it that would be of interest.

    With the new he, she, it, laws up here maybe the car doesn't recognize itself as a car anymore but as a horse.
    Or I don't recognize it as a car anymore but as a horse.

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