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Thread: Opening the Grand Jury

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    Lodi your mail bin is full not that is preventing my thanks that's full

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    Take radical responsibility. Track these numbers:

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    Copy and Paste them into the USPS Tracking website.

    USDC Olympia, USDC Colorado, US AG, US Treasury, Fourth JD

    From experience if you wait for a proper formation you will go to prison - drag other good people along too.

    About biocosmetric sonoluminescence.

    I was calling it Advanced Resonance Inductive Plasma Physics at the time when I met Joseph HELFAND in cyberspace. Joseph adopted the mental models and took them into the theoretical physics laboratory of one Sylvester James GATES, III - University of Maryland. Pretty quick I heard Joe being accused by Bill of breaking laboratory equipment. How do you break laboratory equipment at a theoretical physics lab? The breakdown was in Jim's math!

    Retaliation put Joe in that big Bethesda mental hospital but he still had email. So I coached him through a month of psychotropic pharmaceutical hell, mostly by ordering Joe to keep a log, in his email of what pills were given at what time exactly, so that I could decode lucidity from delirium. Apparently Joe stabilized enough to let him out and he challenged Jim's math again. Joe climbed to the top of the parking structure and threw himself off to his death.

    Jim accused me of being responsible for the whole thing. I took complete responsibility for everything.

    Make me one with everything.

    [Zen master to the hot dog vender.]
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    I imagine you describe that the jury is the carrier of the law, with the jurists convinced the law is not their domain at all, while they carry out the function of being the law side of the One Form of Action merger of law and equity. - Very clever.
    They are set up (through indoctrination/misinformation) for being attorned and incompetent before they are in the room. Imagine the attorney counting on building himself a mini-electorate out of incompetent people so he can take command (i.e. attorn them)--their abandonment evident in their discomfort, asking him questions, seeking council they all become his wards...SSNs evidenced: jury = PWNED.

    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    How to capture that authority back to the People. I discussed this about issuance of summons, how the repealing of the statute conveys culpability for prosecuting obvious crimes to the DA and AG. So this is what is happening in the Olympia venue.
    Fire the prosecutor?
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    Opening the Grand Jury

    So, under the pretence of an allegation of feared, feared jury tampering, a trial is taking place of four men, one of whom, peter Blake has escaped, with only a Judge and NO jury.

    I for one have complained that this is against the law, I have also walked into a Police station to report this unlawful activity, to which i was laughed at.

    I will continue to complain, and would, if any would care to join me, demonstrate outside the courts in London, too afraid to do this bit alone, frightened of the people who are supposed to protect me.

    Although this is in the news, not one report has been made against this atrocious behaviour, the general public must be made aware of the implications these actions by the authorities could, and will have on our future judicial system, its only a short time before the Lisbon treaty will come into force, and trial without jury will become commonplace,, this can not be right

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    You can find some of the USDC judge's oaths here. I see four available as frequently requested:

    For any particular judge you can make FOIA request online to:
    Office of Information Policy
    Department of Justice

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