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Thread: Social Security Numbers of Entire Danish Population Sent to Chinese Agency

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    Social Security Numbers of Entire Danish Population Sent to Chinese Agency

    Social Security Numbers of Entire Danish Population Sent to Chinese Agency
    July 20, 2016 AD

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    On Wednesday, the Danish Data Protection Agency, reported that the identification numbers of over 5 million Danish citizens were accidentally delivered to a Chinese visa firm. The “CPR” numbers were delivered to the Copenhagen-based Chinese Visa Application Centre.

    In 2015, the Danish State Serum Institute (SSI) sent a package to Statistics Denmark containing two CDs with the ID numbers and health information of 5,282,616 people who lived in Denmark between 2010-2012. According to Datatilsynet, the package was sent by registered mail and was mistakenly "delivered to the Chinese Visa Application Centre."

    Statistics Denmark claimed that, by the time the package reached them, it had already been opened. The Data Protection Agency wrote, "The CDs contained information on personal [ID] numbers and health information, but not names or addresses. The CDs were not encrypted." Datatilsynet also criticized SSI for releasing sensitive information in an unencrypted format.

    SSI responded saying, "We are talking about sensitive personal data of a very extensive character and it cannot be ruled out that it could have had concrete consequences for the affected individuals if the information had actually reached unauthorized individuals." They claim they are under the "perception" that the data "neither reached other people nor was seen by other people."
    So basically Communist-Soviet insider enriches Communist-Bloc intel database by providing information on entirety of Denmark population as they seek to break from EU. 'Total coincidence'.


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