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Thread: Interesting Birth Certificate

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    Interesting Birth Certificate

    I was looking at my Ontario birth certificate yesterday and I noticed something interesting with my last name and province of birth. For background information, I'm currently living in Illinois as a Permanent Resident Alien.

    I've attached a sanitized picture of the certificate.

    As a side humor, there appears to be a nosy resident alien in the picture itself!

    Anyone have any thoughts?

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    Although I am not commenting specifically on your question;

    "Statement of Live Birth", kinda rings familar, as in "Manufacturer's Statement of Origin" on a car.

    Office of the Registrar-General. Hmmmmm. He's the one who should be getting all the bills for the cargo/res registered through his office. Just making a comment, not an assertion.

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    It is hard to tell if that is a strikethrough or underline under the family nomen (surname). Definitely interesting though is that there is a different line for Surname and All Given Names.

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    Yea, it could look like the (surname) is underlined rather than a striketrough. The province is obvious. I really have no idea what effect if any this has. I just found it interesting.

    I see what you mean by the multiple lines, the arrows they added suggest that she completed it incorrectly... lol

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    You have something titling your mother as Informant?

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    Yes.. I will take a picture of the signature section and post it.

    I looked at my girlfriend's birth certificate (Illinois, US 1976) and it says informant in the mother's signature box as well.
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    Hey! You are a twin? I bet if you could get your sibling to redeem lawful money in Canada that would be like four people redeeming lawful money!!

    I have heard Mom is the Informant but never had a picture of it. Thank you.

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    yes I say underline of COOK; now take your pick, titles are underlined and corrections to be performed are underlined.

    and I say strikethrough of ONTARIO; as in remove it. otherwise it would literally be an event that occurred at HAILEYBURY, ONTARIO, ONTARIO; makes for tough jurisdiction determination [offers]

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    No, I'm not a twin. That's the number of children the mother gave live births.

    Interesting thoughts John. I agree with Ontario, it's asking for a location (city).

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    It appears that it is quite clear the Original Certificate of Live Birth is held in trust if the only thing we can obtain is Copies of the original:

    Florida Statutes: 32.025 (4)
    CERTIFIED COPIES OF ORIGINAL CERTIFICATES.—Only the state registrar and local registrars are authorized to issue any certificate which purports to be a certified copy of an original certificate of live birth, death, or fetal death.

    They even call it safety paper so there is an interest to protect the person(paper form):

    " certification that contains an embossed seal incorporated into the safety paper, which meet requirements established by Homeland Security and other national and international groups."

    Yes, John Booth. Ontario does registers events and not people, here is a image clip of a document from Ontario Vital Records:
    Name:  events-not-people.jpg
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