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Thread: Please help stop irs threats to garnish my wages

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    Please help stop irs threats to garnish my wages

    I have received a Backup Withholding Notice from the IRS I was legally married in 2007, and it has somehow affected my financial obligations to the IRS. My friend Sealhunter31 had referred me to this web site in order that I may learn how to protect myself from IRS garnishments and other false claims that I am obligated to perform. He is instructing me in redeeming lawful money, but is less experienced in the tax paperwork. I am a Spanish speaking Mexican-American, and would appreciate if anyone knowledgeable in this area speaks Spanish to assist as well. We are running short on time right now, so I'll begin with where we are at and to figure out what the next step is.

    On my next paycheck (today) I will begin endorsing my check with redeemed lawful money per 12 USC 411. How long do I have to be redeeming lawful money, before I can stop the garnishment of my wages, and How do I get all of the money back that I have ever been taxed?

    Thank you for your time.

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    Welcome Arturo;

    I think you will definitely benefit from posting here.

    One thing that I learned some time back is that the Notice of Lien is not a lien at all. It is notification that the lien already exists. Therefore if you are just starting the remedy, then the central bank of the US (the Fed) has been banking on your endorsement.

    We were challenging - If I had been taught... (intimating fraud by omission by our parents and civics teachers) but "ignorance of the law" does not really prevail. It functioned for about three years to stop harassment due to past tax liabilities but started failing. You are getting started now, and this will change your future.

    Some encouragement is that should you learn the Refusal for Cause process that will help keep from seizures and garnishments. Then as your Refund checks are paying off the past tax liability the IRS may just decide that is a good payment agreement. Sealhunter is a great guy and I have been meaning to keep in touch...

    Thanks for the reminder.

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