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Thread: The Existence of God: The Pre-requisite for All Politics

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    The Existence of God: The Pre-requisite for All Politics

    This video takes a very interesting tour of the history of the United States of America (from George Washington to Roosevelt and beyond). However, I point out one potential 'snafu': if the American Revolution was against an anti-Catholic establishment (there are even suggestions that George III was against the anti-Christian corruption that had come to invade the English royal courts and so he may have bid the colonies happy severance!), how can Williamson paint in a bad light without cognitive dissonance? However, AFAIK and according to well established truth, the overt break with orthodox Christianity on the federal level came neither with the Revolution nor with the Articles of Confederation, but with the 1787 Constitution (ala Gary North's Conspiracy In Philadelphia). He is very much on point on the mention of the attempts of the godless to have authority without God, their cognitive dissonance. Similarly those who promote lawlessness but yet have the notion that there ought to be limits upon what one can or cannot do to they themselves. Also, he seems strong on the idea of the Roman Catholic Church (?) being the source of orthodox, biblical Christianity.
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