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Thread: How Much? - Another Expression of Peace.

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    How Much? - Another Expression of Peace.

    I got this on a comment wall:

    That was a leap of faith for him because, those two never meet each other before that day. But he didnt have anytime at all to teach him what i taught him. This is where Carlos actually taught me something. He told the mexican to plead, guilty but to add right after that..."how much"(an acceptance which in old law was known as "confession and avoidance"). The mexican was called up to court, while Carlos sat below the court with everyone else. When the mexican returned he had the biggest smile on his face and so happy that he immediately hugged Carlos to death. I have no idea what i just did, he said, but he did exactly what Carlos told him to do, even though his PD tried 3 times to plead "not guilty" for him. When the judge finally asked the PD what was going on and told the judge what his exact words were.....down came the gavel..$30 now get out. He was free that day. But nowadays im like you. I stay clear of the law and the courts. I learned all i needed to know and i had no wish to be "jonah" if you know what i mean. I dont regret it, but i dont want to repeat it. I live in peace now, completely content with just my brother and myself..
    Get the whole matter surrendered immediately. Throw in the towel, so long as this is over TODAY.

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    Erie Railroad v. Tompkins as one of the worst United States Supreme Court decisions. The 1938 decision concluded that the federal courts do not have judicial power to create general federal common law when hearing state law claims under diversity jurisdiction. a judge,s confession and avoidance or a civil or criminal avoidance So a county and its state gets $30.00 no need r4c this

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