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Thread: Paul Andrew Mitchell - U.S. House to Stop IRS from Stealing Your Bank Account

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    Paul Andrew Mitchell - U.S. House to Stop IRS from Stealing Your Bank Account

    "The IRS now has a much larger and very incriminating problem on their hands: the term “U.S. Individual” on all Forms 1040 includes ONLY federal citizens and resident aliens, and those Forms must be executed under the penalties of perjury, as required by IRC 6065. See 26 CFR 1.1-1(b) for proof, and “Federal citizenship” in Black’s Law Dictionary, Fifth and Sixth Editions. The latter definition is very condemning of the Congress that originally created that “second class” of citizens (small “c”)."

    Another comment - This bill doesn’t go nearly far enough. Why stop at the IRS? Other agencies also use the current civil forfeiture laws to steal money and property from people if they deem it “suspicious”. The US Treasury uses this all the time to confiscate cash from travelers, primarily at airports and ports. If I and my family want to take a three week vacation to Paris but don’t like using credit cards, I could easily need $25-$30,000 to cover hotels, meals, transportation, entertainment and shopping. However, travelers carrying this much cash are deemed suspicious that the government agents are authorized to seize your cash with no proof of a crime, no reasonable reason to believe you may have committed a crime, or that the money isn’t yours. Why should be carrying cash, of any amount, be a reason for government agents to take your cash? In effect, the government is supporting the banks and credit card companies by forcing us to pay the exorbitant fees and exchange rates charged by banks and credit card companies for international purchases. No government agent should have the authority to seize personal property without probable cause.

    Another comment Thank you Congressman Roskam and team. It is encouraging to have at least one public official looking out for the people they represent.

    Source: This week, the U.S. House of Representatives will consider H.R. 5523, the “Clyde-Hirsch-Sowers RESPECT (Restraining Excessive Seizure of Property through the Exploitation of Civil Asset Forfeiture Tools) Act,” sponsored by Congressman Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) It enjoys the bipartisan co-sponsorship of twelve Members of Congress as ideologically diverse from Mr. Roskam as Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, Danny Davis of Illinois, and Joe Crowley of New York–all Democrats. It was reported out of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee by voice vote and was discharged immediately from the Financial Services Committee. It is widely expected to pass by an overwhelming bipartisan margin on the House floor

    Other sources:
    McLellan, though, was never charged with a crime.
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    That is very exciting, but from my perspective and knowledge a superficial thrill. Please don't get me wrong, I have offered Paul Andrew lunch but he is a couple states away so it turns out.

    Recently I came to realize that any "individual" is somebody outside the Church. Whatever church that may be. These karate experts have been brought up to attack on command. They are "individuals" when they violently attack another.

    Pause exactly watching through the 1:02-1:03 Minute Mark. The Master's idea of EMF body shaping touches Pony Tail's left arm through his ankle. - While directing the EMF toward the next attacker. In other words, it looks like these black belt-students are being clobbered; but they are not. They are being directed. - Guided. It probably felt like a stun gun to Pony Tail.

    When you are an individual, expect to be governed.

    Yesterday there was a cashier who alternated between both sides of the counter. She left me standing there to help the other counter. I felt that since they were not in line with me, I was being cut out. But I adjusted to the alternating theme. The fellow behind her, in the other line was just buying a stick of gum and knew the cashier, plus they were both Spanish-speaking and he might have been her boyfriend, I don't know. He became annoyed at her turning her back and demanded attention.

    She told him politely to "cool his jets" (in Spanish). I paid and looked up at him glaring me down. With the same timing if he had been a beautiful 25-year old woman, I smiled ear to ear like CHRIST. I knew he was trying to frighten me but was about to offer, "I have been learning some cool new stuff lately and want to show you. Could you come behind the store with me?" He immediately turned his gaze away and relaxed. So I didn't get started. He already had exact change out so we exited together and he was relaxed and peaceful in his stride.

    That kinda makes the Master in the video look like a little girl on the kitchen floor showing off how good she is at Jacks, huh?

    His hate made him an individual. Jesus said to love your neighbor as much and akin to how you love yourself - Unity. I am not showing off here but look at it again. Look who I told too. If you delude yourself that debt/death/doubt has value and substance (national debt) - then I own you AND the shirt on your back.

    I am going to assist Paul in regaining full kidney function.

    I will simply give him the idea, because I have very healthy kidneys. He obviously already knows it is possible.
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    The solar plexus is said to be the power distribution hub of the body. Nerves being conductors of the energy, muscles being powered by solar plexus or cranial brain.
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