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Thread: Why the Angels Rebelled: A Perspective

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    Why the Angels Rebelled: A Perspective

    Why the Angels Rebelled: A Perspective

    Full 7-page PDF document here

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    Those who are making war on mankind may very well be reflecting and carrying out the mission of the fallen angels. Long ago, someone suggested that Communism was purposed as a way tool to promote White (skin-color) Supremacy as in a crafty way to control brown-skinned people of the planet en masse and to stifle spiritual development but by making the subjugated think it to be a good thing for them. So now the resurgence in "racial strife", White Supremacy, BLM (coincidentally) just in time for a "solution" (Communism?) to be 'announced'. Many suggest that the same who are pushing for Communism are the same inflaming White Supremacist sentiments and strategically setting both 'Whites' and 'Blacks' up for a trap in a pincers movement. Also, many suggest that it has been Communists (rather than orthodox Christian whites) who have stifled and destroyed economic prosperity of so-called "African American" communities and other communities at least since the late 1800s. Its uncanny that many White Supremacists refer to brown-skinned people as "muds" or "the muds". Of course, the idea of all "Whites" being out to keep all Brown people down is IMHO errant.
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