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Thread: The Objective of Deviant Oaths

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    The UPS delivery was scheduled for this morning, out for delivery. UPS worked today and the Albany Courthouse USDC was open for business. However the schedule was changed about the time it would have been delivered:

    Scheduled Delivery

    Please check back later for scheduled delivery.
    Another First...

    My sudden disability to communicate by mail (tampering and misprision of treason against the Postal Roads doctrine) convinces me that the Secret Service (Treasury), the Administrative Office of the US Courts and the Department of Justice are scrambling to intercept process and losing a lot of sleep over this NOTICE.
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    2:00 am PST (Witching Hour) and finally the UPS package to the USDC in Albany is being prepared for delivery in New York.

    Name:  Doc 30 Inauguration Cancelled.jpg
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    Maybe you wonder what is important about Albany?

    That map also explains the connection to the gold being juxtaposition with paper gold (SDR's) in the Secret Jamaica-Rambouillet Accord.

    But you might be wondering why I am not afraid about keeping such mentioned actors awake over their Veteran's Day weekend?

    Name:  DMT and melatonin Witching Hour.jpg
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    Name:  pineal molecules.gif
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    Keep in mind that for the chart, the lab chemist makes no distinction between melatonin and dimethyltryptamine while detecting secretion levels. Protein transfers easily convert one to the other and so we have dreaming (DMT) and deep sleep. Witching Hour - now - 2:15 am PST I enjoy the peace and quiet of melatonin quieting the psychic field.

    So think of my chart as DMT escalating in the dawn - then into waking into a mutually agreed upon holographic hallucination we recognize together as the time-space continuum. Once we stop judging ourselves for having ego it becomes our friend. The DoJ, SS, Treasury and AOUSC are only losing sleep because I crave the attention. My keeping them up is only for the benefit of the US, USA and Fed.

    Name:  Doc 30 header.jpg
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    Ultimately the beneficiary is the United States. I am First Trustee and First Redeemer. Scroll to Doc 3, Page 28 of 32.

    In other words the Registered Priority notices being diverted from delivery last week mean that the correct parties are studying it very carefully. More that I had originally hoped for.

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    The USDC Albany Doc 30 NOTICE to the Dragon Court was delivered a moment ago now.

    Name:  Doc 30 Proof of Delivery USDC Albany.jpg
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    I await for publication on PACER before sharing.

    Name:  Doc 30 Proof of Service.jpg
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    Clawing through the emotional baggage we have a very real proof that I am notifying the correct Principal, being that the Scottish Rite as clerk of court for the Dragon Court has the power to override constitutional law (postal roads). Look for yourself!

    The upper one is to the Grand Lodge - Southern Jurisdiction in DC. The lower one is supposedly headed to the UN Plaza, the Secretary General Antonio GUTERREZ. Even I am impressed with this show of authority above the law. I had always thought that Registered Mail was sacrosanct and that Priority meant two days, three at tops.

    P.S. While we have the emotional baggage in tow but ineffective consider that both of KAVENAUGH's oaths have the correct - "So help me God." on them. Regardless of who the Witness is and how ROBERTS seems to accept he is not de jure Chief Justice in his slick evasive dance, we have a dumbfounding admission that there has not until REHNQUIST and KAVENAUGH even been an attempt to bond any office of federal justice or judge!

    Name:  oath.gif
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    Maybe somebody would do me the favor of acquiring Warren BERGER's oath of office?
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    P.P.S. It might well be that KENNEDY is deteriorating fast and so it was a sentimental action to allow his authorizing Witness to his "replacement". I do not wish to step on that, if true. It is beside the point about altered oaths. There seems to be a lot of history already.

    I wonder if maybe Neil YOUNG would be interested in knowing the Principal with power over Registered and Priority Mail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lorne View Post
    Slim to none. His early career shows him assisting the cover-up of the Vince Foster investigation. Another establishment tool of the deep state. I wonder if some of these judges even read or comprehend what's put in front of them to sign. Although people can change, so - here's hoping he does the right thing.
    Thanks for the link. My imagination describes the Brother at the reception desk at the Lodge telling the carrier, "Hold on a moment." Then 45 minutes later he or she gets a call from the Past master saying, "Just leave it. Do not enter it as delivered."

    P.S. The Albany USDC delivery has not been published on PACER yet - past 8:00 pm there...
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    Yes there is history with Trump, Kennedy and his son. A Vanity Fair article suggests there was a deal
    Trump used the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to demonstrate to Kennedy how his own legacy could be preserved. He ensured that Kennedy was involved in swearing in Gorsuch ....

    Probably same deal with Kavanaugh. Is there law stating who is allowed to witness these oaths?

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    I suppose there might be a tradition where the former sitting justice will sign Witness for the new appointee. Therefore we can presume at 82 years Andrew KENNEDY is losing motor control of his (left) hand and signature. Now we pretend that KENNEDY has a valid oath and so KAVENAUGH sets with a valid oath and bond.

    That indicts all who have changed their oaths to - SO HELP ME GOD.

    Better yet Brett M. KAVENAUGH might be suited to visit and writ of enforcement as was intended with ROBERTS in the Albany Remand.

    Name:  Doc 1 Remand_Page_001.jpg
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    John Glover ROBERTS is originally invited to visit to enforce the garnishments.

    Attachment 5227

    It is very fetching how these Boys at the 33° will accommodate us in the brain trust when pressed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doug555 View Post
    The "Judiciary" Scam!
    A Case of hiding evidence...
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    if I'm following you - a Supreme Court or district judge will take and sign two oaths of office. The private swearing in as "Justice" is the civil oath/administrative officer in equity. The Title 5 oath for Civil Servants.

    And then the ceremonial oath (equal right to the poor and to the rich) which is verbatim Judical Oath of 1789. The Title 28 oath for Judges and Justices. Judicial Justice. The Article III judge of the Constitution.

    One individual, two oaths, to fill two roles. And in our travels we have only found two Judges in the entire federal judiciary signing the proper "So help me God" Article III oath - justices REHNQUIST & KAVANAUGH. The others have deviated and thus are not bound to the Constitution.

    Thus it would seem this is THEIR* last line of defense against the redeemed, against those of us who have figured out federal taxation, who have wandered off the plantation. An unbound judge can opine that we're wrong when we're not. That judge is not bound to the law (Constitution) and will only dispense the appearance of justice, not justice itself.

    *substitute noun of your choice: banksters, Deep State, elite, secret society of sociopaths, etc.
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