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Thread: The Objective of Deviant Oaths

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    The Objective of Deviant Oaths

    Some times I wonder if I would have ever spotted the objective of deviant oaths, to nullify bonding and leave the illusion of judicial and sovereign immunity, had I never become party in interest to the Constitution. What I mean is that by signing the Declaration of Independence I have quite literally posted a bond - my Life, Estate and Sacred Honor, just as my predecessors did. But this is only fresh on my mind because a new suitor had located the signature of approbation process in the organic laws, some time back.

    Look at the bottom footnote on the left side:

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    Ergo, the objective is fraud. These same fraudsters--as another part of the same deception--promote the idea of simply wearing a uniform equates to being intra vires when in fact the law is that if someone perpetrates a felony while wearing a uniform they are in fact a felon in disguise and without the protection of sovereign immunity and subject to the status of having a wolf's head. (Also see Wolf's head or caput lupinum.)

    Regarding oaths of office click here to fast-forward to the 8:54 mark (for some reason the embedding doesn't skip ahead). Beyond that, regarding the video, lack of tags is just asking for trouble IMHO, a USDOT number or get some exempt tags are options. I have noticed plenty of references in movies associating Washington, D.C. (District of cHa'OL(Y)M(P)ia with Olympus.

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    Other the obviation made by the poster, the second in the Percy Jackson series made overt reference to D.C. being Olympus.

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    Minerva-Athena standing (signifies an aggressive claim) atop the U.S. Capitol Building.


    Someone put Olympus in an interesting perspective saying it to have been #1 in affinity with fallen Eve (deathless Athena ...Lilith seems to be code for Athena-Eve), #2 representative of rebellion against the Creator God/Godhead of Genesis, #3 that the Creator wasn't allowed in Olympus and was regarded to be a safe-haven from the Creator God/Godhead of Genesis. So would it follow that if we were to find a modern day Olympus there would be: #1 presumed death, #2 "no common law here", #3 no Bibling or religious tests, #4 admiralty only (presumed lost at sea)? Think: underworld, Anubis. [Hint: AFAIK the Egyptian jackal was in fact a reference to a wolf.]

    Since Sirius is the Dog Star, let us turn to the dog-headed Sumerian goddess Bau. According to Thorkild Jacobsen,1 'Bau seems originally to have been goddess of the dog and her name, Bau, to have constituted an imitation of the dog's bark, as English "bowwow".* Bau was also the daughter of An. So here the dog-goddess is the daughter of An, whereas in Egypt the dog-god was himself An-pu (Anubis).
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    So perhaps it might be that deviant oaths might also evidence a hatred or a disregard for a jurisdiction for which the deviant office quasi-holder holds great disdain.

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    Canberra, Australia.

    Consider it could be said that that Australia has its own local Olympia called the Australian Capital Territory.

    When you get past the fog and lies, it becomes clear that there is an agenda thousands of years old and a conflict to boot lurking behind the propaganda: the modus operandu is telling.
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    The court says Kavanaugh took the oath required by the Constitution and another for judges that is part of federal law in the same room where the justices meet for their private conferences.

    The 53-year-old justice’s wife, children and parents were in attendance.

    Chief Justice John Roberts administered the constitutional oath and retired Justice Anthony Kennedy administered the judicial oath. Kavanaugh is replacing Kennedy on the bench and once served as his law clerk.
    I saw where KAVANAUGH considered William Rehnquist - who signed a valid oath - his "judicial hero." What are the chances he signs a valid oath?

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    Check it out for yourself!

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    It is typically a three-step process. The DoJ denies the request and then they fill it. But with KAVANAUGH you will get testimony. Whatever that is. This will be interesting!

    You can copy and paste the template. Just plug in the name.

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