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Thread: Austrian WWII Survivor Warns of Socialism & Gun Control

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    Austrian WWII Survivor Warns of Socialism & Gun Control

    Comment from YT,for perspective:

    I am an Austrian too. I think it is a good thing to listen to witnesses of the Nazi era, but please people get your information from multiple sources. Her version of our history is not complete and very subjective. She left some things out. So here are some corrections:

    -The "election" of Hitler she was talking about was as free as elections in north korea would be. Everyone not voting for Hitler (or to be more precise for the "Anschluss") got questioned and forced to reconsider by police forces inside the voting room (if not the boot itself). There was support of Hitler but NOT 98%. (Hitler never even got a majority in an nationwide German vote.) The annexation of Austria by Germany happened before the referendum. There was no Austrian authorities left to put back in power. Police and the Army were already in German (Hitlers) hands when the "referendum" happened. Also even if Hitler had not achieved "victory" in this "referendum", he would never have left the country with his troops. The Austrian people had no choice given to them in this vote!!!!!!!!!!!
    -The "riots" she was talking about was in fact a short civil war between conservatives and socialists (unions). So the "security forces" not being able to stopp "riots" were in fact the army and the conservative milita having a hard time fighting socialist militias especially in Vienna. The conservatives won and abolished democratic votes essentially creating an austrian "faschist" dictatorship. Not that the socialists would have been better. Just for you to understand it was a civilwar between a soft fashist dictatorship and communists (like soviet union). So when hitlers troops crossed the border to Austria we were already in a dictatorship. A better one than the Nazis sure, but still no freedom.

    -I also heard from other vitnesses the German army rolling in to Austria was suprised about the full food stores in Austria. The Germans were used to empty shops with little food. Media lied about Germany having a higher standard of living. In fact it was the other way round. Wanna know why the Austrian media lied? Nazi germany had great influence on the austrian government in 1938 shortly before the "Anschluss".

    exerpt from wikipedia: "In February 1938, Seyss-Inquart was appointed Minister of the Interior by Schuschnigg, after Adolf Hitler had threatened Schuschnigg with military actions against Austria in the event of non-compliance. On 11 March 1938, faced with a German invasion aimed at preventing a plebiscite of independence, Schuschnigg resigned as Austrian Chancellor. Under growing pressure from Berlin, President Wilhelm Miklas reluctantly appointed Seyss-Inquart his successor. On the next day German troops crossed the border of Austria at the telegraphed invitation of Seyss-Inquart." Seyss-Inquart was a nazi party member and was sentenced to death after the war in Nueremberg.

    So you see Austria was already not a free independent country before the Nazi troops came. sources:

    1. (nazi as last "president" (Bundeskanzler)) appointed by hitler even before the Anschluss)
    2.,_1930 (last free election before civil war Nazis with 3% of the vote)
    3. (Anschluss)
    4. (crazy voting card the big circle is for hitler of course)?

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