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Thread: Requirements for Ruling Over Men/Mankind

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    Requirements for Ruling Over Men/Mankind

    According to 2: Samuel 23:4 there are requirements for ruling over men:

    He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.
    It seems that according to 2 Samuel 23:4 psychopaths and sociopaths are wholly unfit to rule men. Having the most weapons, being the most deceptive or being owed the most money isn't in the requirements. Simply claiming to be 'god' or "God" or "GOD" doesn't seem to be in the requirements either. Just like there might be requirements for a babysitter, there are requirements for having authority mankind. As for ruling over corporations, now that might be another matter.

    If you take 2 Samuel 23:4, the unjust (or inequitable) are unfit to rule over men. The lawless are always unfit for ruling over men.
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