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Thread: Where In the World Is Julian Assange?

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    Where In the World Is Julian Assange?

    Buzz is that he has been arrested (subsequent to being paid a visit by Pamela Anderson at the Ecuadorian embassy who brought him a vegan lunch) and that allegedly attempts to post pictures and reports of the arrest resulted in Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr and other similar sites being down for the count for approximately 2 hours because allegedly certain persons do not want the evidence of his arrest being made public at this time.

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    Whatcha say.......Anderson's lips 28psi ?

    All kidding aside......clearly the hidden hand is not pleased w/ Assange & forced Ecuadors hand
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    My rendition on harmonica is not good enough to share (yet). But it is a fun song!

    I did not notice ANDERSON's lips because of the sunglasses.

    Tom HANKS seems to have served a term stuck places... first an international TERMINAL; then four years on a deserted island. Maybe he will play ASSANGE stuck inside an embassy?

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    Linked off Jim Stone's site, Assange's "Dead Man's Switch"
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    Oh, this is rich......let's get the election cancelled so Trump won't get elected.....via FAKE alien invasion / Project Firesign

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