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Thread: Business Owners and Lawful Money Tax Returns

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axe View Post
    Any thoughts on the best way to sign the return?

    True Name for LEGAL NAME, LEGAL NAME only, etc.

    I advise truthfully;

    True Name dba First Middle LAST.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Merrill View Post
    I advise truthfully;

    True Name dba First Middle LAST.

    long time student here and my first post. I've studied this site and all things lawful money related for 2 years and have been redeeming since last year. I opened up my own business last year and had opened the business account with my lawful money demand on the signature card to make sure all transactions from the beginning are all lawful money. I also had a notice and demand for lawful money documented notarized the bank account was open. I am highly appreciative of all the eye opening information, the more I studied the more it has sense to me.

    In regards to SCHEDULE C FORM 1040, does anyone have a recommendation on how and where to note the total amount of lawful money redeemed under PART 1 Income?

    Would I put the total amount redeemed in lawful money in Gross Receipts? Then create a supporting schedule for all checks and deposits with the lawful money demand on them (and including the signed signature card)?

    I am just a bit confused on where to put lawful money amount for business. ANY help or clarifications is greatly appreciated. I also look forward to being more active in this forum!

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    Good stuff. I saw this invisible rope trick on tv Two guys on either side of the road pretend to pull a rope; tug of war. Good enough to fool a motorist.

    I realized it's like our money system, we pretend that Federal Reserve notes are real money. But it's an illusion. Seems the banking cartel's domination was based on secrecy and now the secret is out. You probably won't be successful as a nontaxpaying business owner until you realize ... it's not money, there is no rope!
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