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Thread: Transgress the Law?

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    Transgress the Law?

    hi all,

    "Transgress the Law"

    what does this mean to you? (anyone reading)


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    Definition of transgress

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    Quote Originally Posted by EZrhythm View Post

    Definition of transgress

    is it possible to transgress the law boundary by going to equity and if so, would that also be 'sin'?

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    Quote Originally Posted by george View Post
    is it possible to transgress the law boundary by going to equity and if so, would that also be 'sin'?
    How can you know grace if you have not known the law? And if we know the law is Spiritual - Infinite Mind - then how can one experience the suspension of Karma if one has not first experienced the satiation of the application and correct expression of law?

    Just the other day one asked me concerning re-ligion. That is what we are talking about right? For the State is a Ministerial Trust under Law. to that end, i offer the following response:

    Today I had a wild thought that the central banking system and the true balances in USN's perfectly model the sacrificial system and redemption. It is right in front of our faces. So I realized that the last two judges in Israel Samuel and Eli BOTH had wayward sons. These hijacked the priesthood and began to take from the takers!

    So I looked up the term Religion its roots are Re and Ligare

    Re - means to do again
    ligare - means to bind

    Therefore Religion literally means to BIND AGAIN. In a literal sense that is what happens over and over and over again. As long as the people only see the symbol and not the truth, then they have some sort of false sense which helps noone save their own ego in individuality. Thusly the in-divi-dual is caught between the twin pillars [Hegel] in the house of the philistines. Arise Samson and push them over! Abraham come to your senses SEND LOT AWAY. Remove the veil. So that you and your children may become unbound!

    Wisdom she is known of her children!

    Abraham BOUND Isaac [his son] to an Altar - there is your RELIGION. But the truth was revealed by GRACE. I wonder how many of you have noticed an altar atop ole georgie boys head [Washington]? Did you notice he is flanked by an Omega. He is the First - Alpha! Ripe with symbolism - but who can see?

    and again in response:

    To the reader: Clearly you value yourself as you are investing your time in education as evidenced in your participation in these forums. How much value do you suppose would be inherent in you if you learned how to opt out of the taxation scheme? What would that mean to your lifestyle and for your family? Can you possibly imagine that we have all been duped here? At we are teaching our students how to REALLY make America great again! America needs unity. When we make a demand for lawful money we are rebuilding the old waste places. America needs men and women like you who are willing to invest in themselves and the condition of future generations. To our success! Let's kick the Fed out of our Marriage Bed!

    Recently, I asked one of the so called Birth Certificate usufruct crowd to specifically explain to me what his years of study has afforded him in terms of real benefit. SILENCE - crickets. What it affords him is a place where he can be listened to and as such has become like a drug in terms of his addiction to online conference calls. It is amazing how vile folks can be over the internet.

    The Bible says if a man does not work he should not eat! That is enough for me. No chit signing here or there - real labor in exchange for real substance. Fair balances. Then I heard this explained the other night by a crazy man.... Do not eat fish that lack scales and fins.

    Those who are re-bound [republic - ed] to law can you not hear the law? For a Fish is a brother and scales relate to balance and fins keep said one straight in the way. A vacillating brother is not to be given an ear [eat not from his words].

    Equity you say? Well that begs a trust. And the only claim that can be made is against a trustee who has failed to perform a promise. Only the trustee may sue regarding the legal estate. We wear many hats - and so many want to be the king. Sigh.

    The Preacher
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    TMI MJ..

    but thanks anyway. did you answer the question though?

    "equity begs a trust"? how so?

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    Specifically to george: how long have you been here -and still asking such silly questions? Surely after two years or more of hanging around forums you have figured that out. I suppose people get what they pay for and that is life. I hope you find your way. TMI for some folk and for others not enough. Each may eat and be filled.

    Nevertheless, I have given years of my life for free to those who would come for the free fish sandwich [five loaves - two fish] and to that end those days are gone. As always, i hope that you obtain to your hearts desire as we all can and should. One thing is for sure, until folks begin to take some real responsibility for self and quit asking silly questions in a free forum, pretty much nothing is going to change.

    Equity is a mirage in the desert. There now are you satisfied? Equity begs a trust because equity begs a trust. I know this is a fact, perhaps you don't. To that end wisdom is justified of her children.

    Said another way, you shall know them by their fruit. I have provided, by the graces and mercies of God, plenty of fruit to be enjoyed herein. I leave it to the reader to decide for self. Nevertheless, I hope you get what you deserve from life as we all do.

    Best regards,
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    The blessing is in the hand of the doer. Faith absent deeds is dead.

    Lawful Money Trust Website

    Divine Mind Community Call - Sundays 8pm EST

    ONE man or woman can make a difference!

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    Its justified that the one begging for justice gets his or her application heard at Court Day. TMFreeI vs Getting what you pay fore or what you deserve. asking annoying questions or the principal providing its answer. MJ you benevolently have given years too a free forum those who would come for the free fish sandwich have freely stolen from you [ HARDLY ] and to that end those days are gone. So provided MJ your only real responsibility for self is a determination that silly questions in this free forum are wasted on who . Its folks like Me and possibly others that do ask annoying questions whats silly is u might consider any benefit in providing a rider with why ya just cant entertain a silly question . Fishing aside Georges question of itself begs closer analysis, particularly in view of the fundamental principle that a trust has no legal personality its begging or appeals for it. therefore cannot technically be insolvent. further complicated by the presence of the statutory protection afforded to its fiduciary or trustees whereby their liability, when contracting as trustee with another party who knows them to be ACTING the Actors, is limited to the trust assets.Government Assets SS# this Equity begs the trust exhort verb ad hortari, adjure, admonish, advise, animate, arouse, BEG, beseech, caution, charge, coax, command, counsel, encourage, enjoin, entreat, goad, impel, implore, importune, incite, induce, influence, inspirit, instigate, instruct, offer advice, persuade, plead, press, prevail upon, prompt, push, recommend, rouse, spur, stimulate, talk into, urge, warn. Not the defendant in equity Fraud, undue influence and breach of confidence;
    b. Breach of trust;
    c. Specific performance;
    d. Injunctions to prevent injustice;
    e. Injunctions in aid of legal rights;
    f. Interpretation of wills;
    g. Appointment of receivers;
    h. Company problems;
    i. Partnerships;
    j. Land Law matters, other than ejectment. Identify the Contract find the Actors and Beg nothing MJ has procedures for separating equity and i dont beg to differ how silly your life becomes when its been monetized. I haven't offered any bad fruit and haven't congratulations for this comment considering I enjoy both MJ and george and the forum lunch is still free. Its the words that might come at equity.

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    I believe that confusion may arise from the delusion wealth and money are mutually exclusive ultimate aspects of prosperity. That is to say, when a seeker is stuck on the same questions it is because of the conditioning to justify debt/death/doubt has a legitimate place in reality. All debt/death/doubt can do is create guilt and where fear is, love cannot possibly be.

    In the true integration love, money and wealth are all possible. When one breaks through, he becomes the MELCHIZEDEK Sonship. One. Jesus was bastard bloodline of Archelaus HEROD - King of Israel. Many think Antipas HEROD was "King Herod" of the Bible but Antipas was Tetrarch, look for yourself.

    Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars by Hartford VAN DYKE comes off pale compared to the true mathematics:


    Energy is recognized as the key to all activity on earth. Natural science is the study of the sources and control of natural energy, and social science, theoretically expressed as economics, is the study of the sources and control of social energy. Both are bookkeeping systems: mathematics. Therefore, mathematics is the primary energy science. And the bookkeeper can be king if the public can be kept ignorant of the methodology of the bookkeeping.

    All science is merely a means to an end. The means is knowledge. The end is control. Beyond this remains only one issue: Who will be the beneficiary?

    More to my point.

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    But you finally arrive by understanding how Y2 got on there:

    Name:  Fermat's Last Theorem sanitized.jpg
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    The next parable (parabola) is Y3. - Also called second derivative. To get back, you have to integrate. Derivatives are parables and to decrypt back to the motion (velocity) or position (from acceleration and 3rd derivative, impulse or jerk) you must integrate the parables into the information transformed into the shadow of Creative God's idea and Plan we each call experience, or reality.

    Like the left/right brain hemisphericity found in the fascination of collapsing dominoes. The left brain spends a lot of time stacking a configuration, setting the dominoes on end in an infinite variation of configurations. Then we tap the first domino and collapse the entire configuration. Two events - one in time/linear and the other is the entire right-brained entertainment - collapsing the domino configuration. The latter event transcends time because you never accomplished anything with your effort except a satisfying emotion and entertainment.

    Some might say God has a Plan. Schrodinger says God has an infinite number of Plans.

    I say, I AM THAT I AM.

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    Get your head out of the world of debt and you might understand better my words. Do not limit your imagination:

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    it think it not 'amazing' at all, those folks 'on' the internet and how they be sometimes. what with infinite mind (or infinite mine?) and all.

    just casting a small pebble, wasnt expecting much really but this pond was still and still has some potential i suppose. seems to have a nice reflection too.

    it is amazing though, how many ripples a small stone can make on such a clean lake.

    while Im writing of ponds.. i have a young labrador retriever that just showed up recently, had a collar but no tags.. I gave him a friendly greet and pat on the head when i first saw him and he hung around. next day, still here. hadnt fed him anything until the third day. dont need another mouth to feed either.

    but yesterday i took him down to the pond and that was the happiest dog i have ever seen in my life! the pond has lots of growth that makes it look more like a wetland (labina) around the edges and he just ran out into it before he realized it was a pond i think but after that initial surprise he was having a blast.

    I really have never seen a dog this happy! it was a treat for me as well. and im pretty sure he aint gonna leave now either. seems to get along well with everything else too except the chickens but were working on that.

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